So, Dfg tell us about the wonderful Country your in

DfgDfg Admin
Well, the traffic to Manila sucks cocks, the weather is unexpectedly hot all the time, but that was like expected. Plus, I did live in Pakistan, so extreme hot weather is a non issue for me. I just need time to adjust. The one thing I miss is the workout routine, I have a bench here and two dumbells, I need to get the rest.

The main issue right now is my Cargo which did arrive on 29th but now is waiting to reach the warehouse where i can pick it up. Yesterday I went to Manila to get it and got pwned in the process, it was a 9 hour ordeal and I only got the contact information from it. Did cost a lot thought, 4000 Peso for the Car!

For anyone reading, that's 90 USD! So, yeah living here is expensive but I expected my first week to cost a fuck load of money :(. I am hoping I will make up for the loss by:

A) Working hard
B) Starting my own venture (I mean that's the whole point of being here, to do what my mates are doing and step into the real world).

Now to bit everyone might be waiting for, did Dfg got laid? Well, no. Because right now in my mind is my beloved system which will release on Monday, yes pussy seems awesome but thanks to Red Pill I have learned that your life is meaningless if you don't have self control.

Plus, I am not visiting, so I can take my marry time to select the best fuck possible. I got tinder and I have 96% match rate and that's fucking brutal. I get instant matches. I even have a date today that might end in fucking.

BUT the point isn't about getting my dick wet, that's like a byproduct of being here. The point is to make your future. This place is expensive for someone like me, I am learning the ropes fast and managing expenses and not wasting money. The best part of living here is the chef.

My mate has a chef that cooks paleo diet, it's like fucking awesome. Best thing in the world, so yeah I am enjoying being here. I do sleep alone and I do get nervous but it's all part of growing up. I will keep you posted and this time, you will have pictures as shit and even video blogs :D.

No sex tapes for a while though :p


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    They use USD mainly in the the Philippines don't' they?

    Try Halo-Halo ice-cream.
  • DfgDfg Admin
    I will try the ice cream, they use peso btw, which is like 1 USD = 44 Peso. The first 3 months would be brutal since I have to save like a maniac and keep myself in check and not be an idiot and run around chasing pussy which is fucking tempting but I am sticking to it.

    Tomorrow i will get my cargo, so I can finally work for real.
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