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Can you help me with a Western Digital HDD?

bornkillerbornkiller AdministratorIn your girlfriends snatch
Type: Imation SATA 3 external
Make: Western Digital
Model: wd10jpvx
Capacity: 1tb

I got given a reasonably new external of about 3 months old and since the dude who owned it lost the receipt his warranty is void. He downloaded a shitload of movies onto it from someone elses external and it kinda fucked up. You know, the usual windows warning sorta shit about not recognized, would you like to format it, bladee, bladee, blah, blah. After listening to windows "bad advice" it kinda all turned to mustard. Like literally.

I've run almost everything to try and recover it with great names like testdisk, parted magic, disk part, gparted, everything on the Hirens disk. and nearly everything on my Kali live disk. I don't want any of the shit on it just the HDD itself.

What I'm after is the exact sector size for this specific model or even suggestions that I may have missed or just don't know about
. 5 Churz.


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