Anyone looking for deals on the market?

Is it to soon to start scooping up some of these stocks?

VW is down 30% but I think it's going down a little more. I'm watching it and if it becomes affordable will be buying some.

WTI has got to be at the floor or close enough to it buying some now couldn't hurt. When does anyone see oil going back up though? It has to eventually but how long will the glut last?

Anyone else starting to get itchy buy fingers?


  • Darth BeaverDarth Beaver Meine Ehre heißt Treue
    The market is Vegas, if you dont have a license you're gonna lose.
  • Agreed but I'm thinking of getting in cheap on good stocks. I've been burned before on the market though.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    Fuck, 30% down on VW is a purdy low, sounds like it could be worth investmenting in because you know VW shares normally has a reasonably good chance of climbing back up the ladder..
  • VW is down but far from out. Way to respectable a blue chip stock imo. However, catching falling knives and all. I predicted it would be down further but I haven't checked. I say it bottoms around November.
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