Recent Down Time & Migration

Just a head up, my sql usage is a bit high for some reason and I am experiencing some down time because of it, it doesn't help that the hosting tech's are lazy and haven't responded to my requests. This is a production environment, so I have to careful.

However, I might suspend totseans during these days on case by case basis to isolate the problem, does it mean I am shutting it down?

Errr... no. I am just investigating the high load shizzle.

On the bright side, a new server has been provision, it will have plenty of RAM (32GB) and cores (12) to handle things. I will alert you when that is ready, it will be using Nginx + apache and bunch of nifty tweaks, since it's a new server, I will move totseans there and use this as a platform to tweak the fuck out of it. MUHAHAHA

Excited about it!

End of update.

Oh and don't worry this place will be up for a long time to come. You can go whatever with your life, but whenever you have time, you can always come back to home.


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