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    You forgot muslin? You do realise muslim follow the teachings of the bible as well as the koran, yah? Or are you really who you say you are.

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  • Muslim follow the teachings of the bible !!! of course no

    This website is the place for like-minded people to form serious relationships that align with Christian principles.
  • bornkillerbornkiller Administrator In your girlfriends snatch
    Yah!!! they do follow the teachings of the bible as well as the koran, (@ least the ones I know locally do. Perhaps Dfg can confirm this from his side of the world) Big respects for replying to my post by teh waiz Helen. BK
  • Well Bible and Quran have a lot in common. But I wouldn't worry about the dating aspect though.
  • Actually, the Quran is kind of an update to the Bible. Or, for reference, the Bible to the Quran what the Torah is to the Bible.
    The common Bible is the compilation of the fables of the Abrahamic tradition, starting from it's early Assyrian roots with the Genesis's story of Adam and Eve from the Assyrian poem of Creation, where Adam or Adun means "man of earth" or "man of clay" and God was called "Adad" (Spirit of the Earth), then it encompasses the story of a worldwide deluge that destroyed all the cities located near the coast and rivers (Noah and the Flood) where Noah was actually a Sumerian guy called "Ziuzudra" who was foretold to build a big boat with a roof and no windows and get inside with his family and his sheep and wait inside till the storm resided. It is during this same deluge that the mythical city of Atlantis comes from. Then, the book encompasses the fables of Abraham, an Akkadian who married his step sister and her Egyptian slave and had two sons and of Lot, a hypothetical character from the Semitic-Sumerian city of Sodom, destroyed by a meteor. Then it covers the tale of Jacob, who after fighting against an angel changed his name to "Israel" which allegedly means "he who has fought against God". He has many sons, some of which reside in Canaan (modern day Syria and Israel) under Assyrian control, others go south and create the country of Median (Modern day Saudi Arabia). During a widespread famine, large numbers of Cananites move to Egypt, where they become slaves, and so after 200years or so comes the story of the Exodus. After taking back Israel and Syria from the Hitites and Phoenicians, the followers of YHWH (God) are conquered by the Babilonians, but after the death of the Babilonian king Babylon falls to the corruption of its own priests and their culture drowns under the Hebrew culture. The book of the Jewish faith ends somewhere around this point. The Chriatians follow this storyline up to the Gospels, which account the Roman conquest of the middle east and the moral revolution brough on by Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus). The "Jews" (followers of Judah) disbelieved Jesua to be their messiah because he did not lead them into war like their previous leaders and prophets had, but both Christians and Muslims (muslim means "believer") believed Jesua had a more profound reason for leading a spiritual conquest rather than a military war against an enemy that was undefeatable in battle. It is basically this point where the three traditions broke appart. Prior to his execution, Jesus Christ cryptically said that one more profet would come before his own return which would signal the end of this planet. 700 years after his crucifixion, Muhammad was born in the Kindom of Median, but the Roman and Judean Christians had already turned the Gospel into their tool of manipulation and turned almost all the known world to Christianity either by faith or by force. They stated an empire based on the Christian faith and to ensure their power remained unchallenged they decreed that with the death of Jesus, the "Spirit of God" had forever left this world because Jesus had had no children and the "Spirit of God" "ran only in the bloodline of King David (of which Jesus was the last descendant)", so because of this the Christians disbelieved Muhhamad to be their prophet, so only the free kingdoms of the Middle East adopted the Quran.

    If you were to read it, you would find all the same stories contained in the Bible except for the Gospels and Apocalypse, but with Muhammad's poems and teachings and the story of the evolution of Islam in the Kingdom of Median and a book of laws which is actually the first to ever grant equal rights to women and a social system based on socialist ideas.
  • That's a long ass response, but I skimmed it. I will just agree to your viewpoint.
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