Review: ALITA: Battle Angel [2019]

I just came from the first screening and I did read some reviews which bashed the movie on few things. And honestly after viewing it, I agree with them but...

I don't have a higher taste in movies and I am not some pretentious guy who looks for the perfection in everything, this movie was ENTERTAINING, the effects were top notch, ALITA with her BIG EYES was insanely fun to watch and if you just fix the story line and fix few issues left and right, it could actually be an awesome flick.

However, the disappointment comes halfway when you're asking yourself, what's the setup here? I mean is this going to wrap up in one movie or is there something else, like the Infinity war where you just thought OMG it will end now but it turns out differently, it's the same setup in a way.

Overall, I hope it gets a sequel because the fight scenes were fantastic.

If you got nothing good to watch and you want to enjoy something slightly different, give this a go.

Now, excuse me while I find the source material and binge read the manga and watch the Anime.


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