Purifying the Calcium Ammonium Nitrate from cold packs UPDATED

I did not see this addressed anywhere in any tek, so i figured Id share my knowledge on the subject. You see, these days, even cold packs that have only AN listed as an ingredient, usually contain Calcium AN, i.e. fucking dirt + AN. (Looking at you Dollar General) I was wondering why my rxn would never get rolling quite the same as i remember it 8 years ago, which was the last time i wrote a story. I figured out this relatively simple method for cleaning the dirt out of your beautiful AN, giving you a long strong reaction! another benefit, is water is basically impossible to remove totally from your pure AN shards, so if you use this in your story, no need to add any water, the water from your AN will get that shit rolling! Here goes:

1) get 1.5 cups of distilled h20 boiling on the stove in a medium saucepan that you dont care a lot about.

2) while your water is heating up, cut open your cold packs and throw away the water baggie. i usually do this with an 8 pack crate from Walgreens, but you can do it with less, just add less water, or boil off more water at the end.

3) when your water is at a rolling boil, dump all your prills from your cold packs in the saucepan, and stir until it starts boiling again.

4) Let it boil for about 5 mins, really cook off a decent amount of water and ONLY water. You can tell when it's only water boiling, because you will see only a fraction of the surface of the liquid bubbling and boiling. If the heat is too high, the AN will start boiling too, and the whole pot will be bubbling. We don't want this, it's pretty noxious to breathe and it's wasteful. This method is easy to do on an electric stove, as you can set the heat to like 5 or 6 and leave it there.nñ

5) when its reduced to mostly just AN (hardly any bubbling at medium heat), turn the heat off, let the mixture settle in the pan, and then when the sediment has separated from your cloudy aqueous layer, decant thru a funnel and coffee filters into a mason jar. Because we are now dealing with essentially molten AN, you need to do this quickly. Be prepared to have to reheat the mixture on the stove to melt it again, enough to get it through your filter.

6) throw away the sludge left in the pan. this is the fuckery of dirt sent to damn your story and hinder your high. also throw away the coffee filter full of sludge too.

7) take the lovely, thick, amberish liquid of love left in your mason jar, and put it in your freezer. This will speed up the AN's return to solid form, but if you aren't in a hurry, it will return to solid at room temp too.

8) after the AN has returned to solid, you now have a large amount of pure AN, and a minimum amount of water. Smash the AN up into a sludge.

9) take semi dry AN shards and put them ina tupperware. put a coffee filter on top of them, and put a handful of calcium chloride (damp rid) in the filter. leave it be for awhile, and it will dry out your shards. youre welcome. (Dollar General has a great store brand generic damp rid for $1. It's little prills, not the flat crystals, but it's just as good, and much cheaper.) Sometimes, you may have to do a step before this one if your sludge is too sludgy. If there is too much water present, plop it all in a baggie and snip the tiniest piece of the corner of one side off, and let water drippy drip drip out of that thang. Leave it suspended in a funnel above a cup or something, and come back later and put it in the Tupperware with the CaCl.

10) you now have AN shards with a minimum of water mucking them about, but still just enough water to get your stories started! good shit.


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