Not Right Forum... but EVE Online?

iSoapeiSoape Regular
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I would post in GPP if we had more traffic, alas... does anyone play this? HTS? I saw you used to. Do you still?

I just reactivated my trial account from '07 and have no fucking clue what's going on.


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    Can I get a torrent of it, or is it like a monthly deal? I've read about it, its seems cool.
  • iSoapeiSoape Regular
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    It's a month deal... but it's one of the most in-depth games of all time... EVER. There is currently a 14 day free trial so you can test it out if you'd like.

    Took me an hour to download.
  • MayberryMayberry Regular
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    Yeah started playing a couple months ago. It's a great game but will really suck you in if you're not careful. Just got a raven in the last few days and might get set up in 0.0 with my corp once I find some more time to play.
  • iSoapeiSoape Regular
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    In game name is Level9, contact me. I'm not fully empty handed, I reactivated a 2 week trial account from '07 so I have SOME things and long-term skills built up. (Queued some month long ones before account expired back in '07, hah).
  • UnwyredUnwyred Regular
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    I've been playing for around 2 years or so now. Character name is River Grey.

    Right now I'm mostly just mining and fucking around with the new planetary interaction shtick that Tyrannis expansion brought to the table. I do have a decked out Megathron just for pew-pew, though.
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