Favourite class/spec in Bad Company 2.

RolfRolf Regular
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Several other games have it, so Rolf's favourite console shooter shall now.

Rolf's Recon

Main: SV-98 Snaiperskaya, M24, GOL or occasionally M95.
Secondary: MP-443 Grach (or occasionally, M93R)
Gadget: C4 & Motion Sensor
SPEC#1: 4x ACOG Scope
SPEC#2: Magnum Ammunition
VSPEC: Alternate Weapon Package or Improved Warhead Package.

Rolf's Engineer

Main: UMP
Secondary: Tracer Dart
Gadget: RPG-7 or CG Recoilless Rifle
SPEC#1: Red Dot
SPEC#2: Improved Demolitions
VSPEC: Smoke.


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