Melting Into Your Nature

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Soppy little love poem about a girl. It sucks and I would appreciate heavy criticism. Thanks.

Melting Into Your Nature

And while I take my brazen gaze to it, something in your face
Melts the stone from the hard entombments of my posture
Into a seeking mix of sigh and melting longings, yielding path in your direction
And even when meeting my destruction by your Gaia hands, that your hands would destroy lends a mercy to my condition

Your body- one I would like to know as knowing potters hands caress warm clay
Touching you, wanting you, to the depths of your temperature
As you scape-shift and take form, tidal sands and tidal waves, full of animal life and underground desire
What secrets lay beneath your ocean? Will I drown as I search for them?

Your smell lends me life as deep forests lend life, and in your forest
I’m aiming to find pastoral trails of your earth soul,
Like no hunter could discover unless his heart beat in the same chest
As his naïve unknowing prey
I am hunter
Yet I cannot help being prey.
And I feel your beating heart

It is earthquake, it is tectonic and, alas, I cannot stop the drift.
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