The Aliens are here.

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Hundreds of people from the Air Force, including retired officers and other high ranking officials have come forth and basically said Aliens have been disabling our nuclear weapons for the last 60 years.

UN has put together a "Meet & Greet" committee if aliens were ever to show up

More UFO sightings in the last week than there have been in the last 6 months

Has the time finally come?

Watch the sky..


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    Damn this is interesting . I've always said to people that doubt there existence that we routinely send people to death row on less evidence than there is about Alien's.
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    that would be dope if it was true and they disabled all our nukes before we kill each other.

    that or let all the smart people come live with them in a highly evolved world and let all the primitive humans who just want to kill each other stay back and live out their miserable lives
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    ^ I like your name. I'm waiting for the "disclosure". It was supposedly going to happen the day after thanksgiving last year here in the U.S. but didn't. Russia has already had its "disclosure" and so has China and The Vatican. Of course there is other life out there, it would be ludacris to suggest otherwise not to mentioned self centered to think that in all of the universe ours is the only livable planet.

    Also we know now that some creatures don't survive on oxygen. There are sea slugs that live at the mouth of submarine volcanoes because they thrive off the carbon monoxide the volcanoes spew. Oxygen would poison and kill them.
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    Damn, maybe the Aliens ARE coming.

    I kinda hope that if they come, nothing bad happens. I want to live my life before I die :D
  • StephenPBarrettStephenPBarrett Adviser
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    Who's to say they're going to kill us all? I mean yeah its only logical to consider that possibility but chances are they'd be more interested in trying to trade with us i.e. some natural resource we don't use much for tech.
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