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    Jesus Christ, did you have to eat her brains??!
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    Jesus Christ, did you have to eat her brains??!

    I did say I was a flesh-eating zombie.
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    heyy i remember starting one of these threads in zoklet. not much responders though.
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    ive lived in england all my life and have a sexy little sister called emma, she has just turned 18 but looks a little younger. ive always thought she was so hot but never thought of doing anything with her. one night the other week she had a few friends over and i was drinking with them. we all got a bit drunk and i was feeling especially horny. my sister was also quite drunk and was starting to get undressed into smaller clothes.

    she went up to her room to get dressed and i thought i would follow her up, just to see what she was doing. i opened the door and she was standing there completely naked. she looked at me quickly and i shut the door. As i was just about to walk away i heard a murmur from inside the room, i opened the door to see what it was and she told me to come in and shut the door. i was suprised and not really sure what to do. Anyway i did as a i was told and walked into her room. By now she had put some panties on but was still topless. her little tits were so hot and my cock started to get hard as i looked at them.

    i asked her what was the matter but she couldnt take her eyes of my quickly growing member. as quick as a flash she was by me, pulling my hard cock out of my pants and shuffling her hands up and down. i groaned with pleasure and quickly shoved my hands down her tiny panties and rubbed her tight wet pussy. she moaned slowly and slid onto the bed. i opened her little legs and shoved my cock inside her opening her up and thrusting again and again.
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    I'd been under a lot of stress that week, stuff to do with paying bills and all that crap, and what's better at relieving stress than sex? But see, I wasn't in the mood for just straight, vanilla, man-on-woman sex. I was in the mood for some lesbian action... and not only that, but I wanted to do it in the water. I don't know if you've ever had sex in a pool or shower, but DAMN it is fun. So on Thursday I started scheming... I had convinced many little straight girls that they were bi, but the girl I wanted to fuck was very homophobic. It would take some effort... and a lot of alcohol.

    A friend of mine (read between the lines; fuck buddy) was gone for the weekend, and seeing as how he'd give me a key to his apartment (jacuzzi and all) I decided to throw my party there. Being a tiny lil' underage girl I couldn't buy alcohol myself, so I got a few older friends to do the dirty work for me. By the time people started arriving I was nicely stocked, had the music pumping and the jacuzzi bubbling. It looked like it was going to be a GREAT party.

    She was nearly the first person there, and looked very eager to get her first shot into her. She was underage too, and having been homeschooled for most of her life, rarely ever drank alcohol. She only drank when she went to my parties. I was the only one her parents let her see for more than a few minutes, as they thought I was a "good girl". If only they knew.

    Everyone was having a blast and the party was just getting under way when I decided things weren't interesting enough. I stripped off my skirt and tank top, so that I was only in my bra, panties and thigh-high fishnets. Then I started running around stripping people down, hiding their clothing and giving them some more alcohol as a reward for tolerating me. Of course, she was one of my main targets. Cindi. Poor little girl was shy without her shoes and socks on, just imagine how she looked when I ripped off her bra. She tried to cover herself up franticly and her whole face turned red. I handed her a shot and a beer and told her I'd be back in a minute, and we could go to the jacuzzi, where she'd be more covered up.

    I walked over to my friend Victor and told him that I wanted him to get everybody out of the jacuzzi, and I wanted them to stay out unless I invited them in. He raised an eyebrow and asked, "Cindi? You really think..." I just winked at him and strode away.

    Poor Cindi was still cowering, trying to hide behind empty alcohol bottles while guys checked her out. It was a pity she was still covering her tits, they were fantastic. C going on D, just the way I liked it. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and Cindi's hand, smiling reassuringly at her and pulling her over to the jacuzzi. She looked relieved at the sight of the thick foam on top, and was just about to jump in when I stopped her with a hand on her waist. As she stopped I innocently let my hand slide over her ass, and watched her shiver, grinning slightly.

    "Sorry, no one's allowed in the jacuzzi with clothes on..." I raised my eyebrows, glancing pointedly at her white cotton panties.

    "Oh.. well..." Cindi looked helplessly from the hot tub to the last article of clothing protecting her. When I started stripping she quickly jerked out of her panties and jumped into the jacuzzi, but not fast enough that I didn't get a looked at her nice, tight little ass.

    I could feel myself getting wetter, but I knew I had to wait. Bide my time.
    I sat next to Cindi and we passed the vodka bottle back and forth while we chatted about those little girl things. Finally Cindi was drunk enough that she has slumped over to lean on my shoulder, and was slurring her speech quite a lot.

    I decided to ask, "So Cindi... I know you have a crush on Austin, but have you ever thought about doing anything with a girl?"

    She widened her eyes and stared up at me, "NO!" She exclaimed. "I mean, those.. those kinds of things are unnatural, aren't they?"

    She had begun to blush, the kind of blushing she did when she wanted something but had been taught that it was bad. The way she looked when I had first introduced her to alcohol. At first she was scared, nervous.. and then she wanted it every chance she could get. I was hoping this would be the same.

    "No, no, not at all... in fact, every girl I've ever talked to has had those kind of thoughts. It's utterly normal." I told her.

    She blushed even harder, avoiding my eyes while she thought for a minute, and then "Well.. I have thought about.. it. Before."

    "Oh? What did you think about exactly?" I asked, smiling slightly.

    "Well, um.. breasts. How they would feel. If they weren't mine, I mean."

    Slowly I started caressing her thighs and waist under the water. Her eyes widened a little, but that was all. "So do you touch your tits often, then?" I asked.

    "Oh, um.. sometimes. Well, usually. At night. Or in the shower." She was growing accustom to my touch, calming down and leaning into me again.

    "Do you touch anything else?"

    She closed her eyes, clearly liking the way my hands felt on her. "Mm, yes.. sometimes I touch. You know. Down there. But never too much."

    "Have you ever wondered how someone else's hands would feel down there? Maybe another girl's?"

    As she nodded I began caressing higher, so one hand was just encircling a nipple, and the other almost (but not quite) touched her clit. She was breathing more heavily now, her hips occasionally twitching involuntarily.
    She nodded. "Would you like to find out?" I asked. She nodded again.
    I began to lightly rub her clit and pinch at her nipples. She began moaning softly, her eyes closed. Her lips looked delicious, so I caught her in a kiss. I was aware of a few sets of eyes on us and smiled. I loved being the life of the party.

    I raised my eyes and caught Victor's. He shook his head and smiled at me disbelievingly, and I grinned back, raising an eyebrow at his rapidly growing erection. He gave me a look as if to say, "Like you didn't expect this?"
    In answer I pulled Cindi onto my lap and slid a finger into her, catching her nipple in between my lips, sucking and nibbling gently just above the water. She moaned louder, and I fucked her harder with my finger, using my thumb to rub her clit too. I bit her neck, licking, sucking and biting down her breasts and pulling her nipples into my mouth again.

    I could feel her start to tighten around my finger and pulled it out immediately, holding her hips still against me. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "You want to cum?"

    She whimpered and nodded desperately. I grabbed her wet hair and pulled her head back, saying fiercely, "I asked you a question!"

    "Yes, yes, please!" She whimpered, trying to grind against my knee.

    I kept hold of her hips and said, "You don't cum until I do." I was so turned on by now that it wouldn't take much.

    Immediately she jerked herself away. For a split second I was horribly disappointed, thinking she was going to leave. But then she turned and pulled my hips up, biting and sucking my nipples, kissing down my stomach to my pussy, where she immediately began to eat me. I moaned loudly in shock and pleasure, not expecting this from her. I thought I would have to nearly force her to do this kind of stuff, but it seemed like she couldn't get enough. My hips weren't even all the way out of the water, but that didn't stop her any.

    She brought one hand up to play with my nipples while she ate me, and I was soon cumming (much sooner than I wanted to). I was nearly screaming, holding her hair and clutching at the side of the jacuzzi, watching her tongue disappear inside me, seeing the look on her face.

    As soon as I was done I shoved her hard up against the side of the jacuzzi, hearing her moan. I yanked her head back by her hair and kissed her hard, my tongue plunging into her mouth. I used two fingers this time to fuck her, nice and hard, the other hand rubbing her clit while my mouth moved in between her lips and her nipples.

    Soon I had her cumming harder than I had, probably her first orgasm. She and I lay against each other for a moment, shaking and tired. When I looked up almost all eyes were on us. I grinned and grabbed Cindi's hand.

    "I'm not done yet." I told her, dragging her out of the jacuzzi and leading her, soaking wet, to the master bedroom. As we walked through the door I looked over my shoulder and locked eyes with Victor, his erection painfully clear. I gestured for him to come inside the bedroom with us, and then closed the door...

    Post the next part of this plz.
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    lol fanglekai go fanglebye
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    Damn, looks like I'll have to write it then.
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