yesterday night

blindbatblindbat Regular
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so yesterday night me and my friend went to this one co- worker of mine dorm room we were drinking i was drinking the most , ended up throwing up for the night , but that's not the reason im bitching . the reason im bitching is because we were playing truth or dare we were all getting naked but yea i got sick ended up passing out. woke up everyone is naked and my friend is over there doing some stuff and can here him moaning and shit :angry:and im in my head saying you fuking prick i get sick and you're doing this shit right in front of me? WTF! some friend you are having fun w/out me. he was doing some stuff both girls , i think ,one whom this one girl i have a thing for :mad: atleast i think she was doing stuff too. if i find out he was doing some shit with the girl imma fuking rage and knock his ass out.


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