Racism is 'worse for white Americans than black Americans' — Totseans

Racism is 'worse for white Americans than black Americans'

Or at least that's the perception of some, then again what would you expect? Whites who suffer at the hands of 'positive' discrimination can hardly be expected to embrace the righteousness of the idea when they're on the end of a job queue as a result.


  • DaGuruDaGuru Mite
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    Count me in as part of that group.

    Here in the states....there is only one TRUE "minority" left. That being the white heterosexual male.

    Now granted, it may not be a true "minority" in the typical known description as sheer numbers.....but the last couple have decades have seen society turn REVERSE discrimination into what a true "minority" is any more.

    Quite simply....I don't have ANY special interest group leading my cause, nor do I have any EXCUSE to throw around when life doesn't go my way. I can't go find a lawyer and say......."boohoo Mr. Mean World.....you only fucked me over because of my _________" <<<<<<insert gender/race/sexuality/whatever other EXCUSE there.

    I'm at the bottom of the list of any quotas, and everyone else has a shit ton of insecurity because of the rhetoric of...."you've been running the world for millenia, now its your turn to be on the bottom for a while"....so now I have a big fat target on my chest as if I'm responsible for the history of the world up until now. :facepalm:

    No I don't feel as if I'm a victim....what I'm stating is in a world now completely suffocated by politically correct bullshit and do-gooder self interest groups, the deck truly is stacked against me because I have to exist only by pulling up my boostraps.....and I don't have a plethora of ACLUs or Jesse Jacksons to dry my tears and help me out when life deals me trials and tribulations. :thumbsdown:
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    Well said, DG.
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    Cops pull over more white males in the age of 25-35 then anyone else. if your in that bracket with long hair your fucked bro.
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