When to start?

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Hey, kind of new here on Totse, don't really know most of you guys, and your knowledge when it comes to these things, but I'd like to ask about what age would be minimum to *safely* (and completely theoretically) use recreational drugs. I think it would be a bad idea to use when you're young, as you are still developing, but I am also extremely curious about everything, so I assume that I may theoretically try some of the psychoactive drugs later on during my hypothetical life. Any idea on when it would be safe to do so, without fucking up my body?


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    I'd say that there's not really a minimum age. Start taking them when you feel that you're ready for them, and actually give it some thought. Are you mentally capable of coping under the influence of these drugs? Make sure you have a sitter for your first times, just in case.
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    I'm 15 and have done a large variety of psychoactives. I have pushed my body, mind and soul to the very edge of existence and kept going.
    The majority of my peers consider me to be extremely excessive with my usage and my parents haven't seen me sober since I was kicked out of school approximately 3 months ago. On the other hand I feel I am more mature, although I have always been 'older' than my age. I believe I have had beautiful spiritual experiences that have widened my horizons.

    Furthermore I often take drugs just to get high and at situations such as parties. On many occasions I have woken up in ludicrous locations lacking personal possessions, including my iPod, various articles of clothing, money, drugs and my phone (That was actually because I jumped in a pool on a meph binge).
    I have now come to the conclusion that it is not What drugs you do When (as in age)- it is How, When (Time of taking substance in regards to mindset) , Where and Who with.
    Whatever drugs you experiment with, especially for the first time, use in the right mindset. This is imperative, a bad mood is not necessarily a bad trip however, if you have the correct company and can control your cognitive process'. Do drugs in an area where you are safe and comfortable, preferably private or at least away from sober observers.
    Here is the key- Let go. Do it! Forget what people think about you, don't try and predict the drugs, do not try and control it, flow. Relax and take things as they come, with some substances retrospect is a strong aspect, though with others you must forget time. Ignore tomorrow, fuck yesterday, live in today and the exact moment.

    Also, do you have any mental disorders, or otherwise suspect any problems regarding sanity. I am a recovered schizophrenic and have borderline personality disorder. I think this adds to my addictivity... For lack of a better word, I mean my constant compulsion to get completely cuntfaced. As well as the schizophrenia severely altering my attitude and subjective experiences to/of cannabis. So be careful with your mentality, it's an fragile thing if your not strong.

    Mixing drugs is a definite messy day, research all drugs and combinations carefully. Look after your life.

    Finally, what mind-altering substances have you taken and how old are you?
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    Take some barbiturates + alcohol for a good time.
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    The younger the better is how you should take drugs. If you want to do them now then there is no point waiting.
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    If you want to be neurologically safe, avoid until +23.
    If you want to be mentally safe, avoid using for escapism.
    If you're worried about emotional safety,do a bunch of mdma and furiously masturbate with a banana skin.

    All the fun drugs are psychoactive,you need to be more specific.
    Like,seriously,there are so many competing factors to take into consideration for how 'safe' a drug is.Any answer you derive is pretty much a product of how much you want to justify banging up some DMT you scored from a hippy at a pink floyd concert.

    Need moar information.
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    tru dat, start young and build up a nice tolerance, so one day you dont think you have it and overdose :thumbsup:
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