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  • Is this the common treatment for woman around here, Tits or GTFO? This seems like a male dominated forum, I'm a little scared :sad:
  • Some of these stories are hilarious, some a pretty fucked up haha. I've never been with anyone I didn't find attractive, then again, I am a girl and we tend to be pickier then men. CatchMeIfYouCan, I'd be traumatized for life if I were you, let alone tell my story in a public forum!
  • Sometimes I feel old at 16, but I think anything over 40 is considered old by most.
  • I'd say just be yourself, unless yourself is a douchebag to begin with. I don't think to many people are hard up about sex like they use to be. Of course, there are exceptions. Just try to build a relationship with them. If she likes you, one makeout session could turn into something more.
  • Haha, what trap? And no, I'm not posting my tits in an open forum, nice try buddy =]
  • Everywhere you go you will find a different degree of attractiveness, because people are mixed with many different nationalities. I don't think there is any direct correlation with beauty and where you live though?
  • Haha, you guys are so mean! First off, I'm female and bi. My sister is very attractive, but I'm not sure I could ever build up enough courage to have sex with her. If she came onto me (unlikely to happen since she is straight), I probably would have sex with her, but I would never push for it. I would never do anything…