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  • Me too. I've spend a few summers just hanging out with my friends on this secret beach we found in the middle of the woods getting stoned/drunk/spun and fucking around all day everyday. Many good memories there. And I still do go in the woods a lot and smoke, when I'm not in the middle of cities.
  • I draw the line at hallucinogens and gaba-acting drugs though. I have drove on mushrooms before ( I had to, family shit) but there was some serious impairment and I wont be doing it again. Im prescribed xanax and drive fine on my prescribed dose, but if I take enough to effect my driving I wont. Same with other benzos and…
  • I end up driving high a lot, and I've noticed that I drive slower and much more cautiously when I'm high. I just innately think about my driving more when I'm high. I also haven't noticed any real impact on reaction time or decision making when high either, I drive through bumfuck-nowhere roads and have to dodge/not hit…
  • Maybe there's different kinds (or quality) of smoke alarm? I know my cheap house smoke alarms will never go off when I smoke, no matter how much I smoke. Funny story though. :thumbsup:
  • Mixing tobacco with weed, namely making "spliffs", is much more prevalent in Europe than anywhere else. I'm sure pockets of humanity in other countries followed the trend/ did it on their own, but it is kind of a Europe thing. Anyone who is a forum junkie and has been catching drug conversation for a while will notice this.
  • Shit, are all you guys European? I mean, I mix my weed with clove/tobacco sometimes, and only when I'm rolling big joints. I still only use a 1:4 ratio tobacco/weed if that, and it's mostly for flavor, burn rate/evenness, and for filler. I still usually smoke bongs, and sometimes pipes or unadulterated joints/blunts when…
  • Firecrackers completely ruined the taste of weed for me, I cant stand shit that tastes weedy because of those bastards.
  • Use butane hash oil to make cannabutter and follow some recipes or dissolve it into coconut oil to add to just about any edible. Other "refined" forms (iso hash oil, hash, keif, etc.) work better then using plain shake/bud/trim when it comes to taste but you cant beat BHO. If using bud/trim and making cannabutter: Boil…
  • "Trash hash": Soak all your pipes, ashcatchers, downstems, and bowls in a minimal amount of 90-99% rubbing alcohol until it's saturated. Then pour the liquid in a shallow pyrex pan and put a fan on it overnight. Scrape it up with a razor blade and try to enjoy, this is something you do out of desperation...
  • lol, I thought the point of this was for the OP to keep his life in line while indulging in some (less self-corrupting) drugs. not saying pod tea/putty is hard shit or anything, but it sounds like opes would a slippery slope for the OP
  • Botanicals are always an option, I've tried most all common ones available online. Some worthwhile, some not. Kratom is probably one of the most recreational botanicals available. It has a stimulating opiate like high and is affordable if you buy plain bali leaf (most extracts are overpriced and impotent). Kava is alright…
  • If thinking about it like that helps you sleep at night, sure. Never sacrifice your humanity for profit.
  • The fuck is wrong with your country? ...I shouldn't be talking though, the US is the most fucked up nation in the world.
  • Take 5-HTP an hour before anything, and the acid 45 minutes before the MDMA.
  • Pornshops, headshops, online, and at gourmet kitchenware stores.
  • Well, you are only risking idiopathic seizures at high high doses, particularly if you are predisposed to seizures in the first place. It isn't any real danger in common doses. But that is why you mix with diazepam, it's an anticonvulsant :p Trams are real good for getting off stronger opiates too, but if you get hooked on…
  • I actually like tramadol quite a bit, especially considering oxy/H/opana/ fent is just as easily available to me. It has a good energetic buzz (which is fine to function on) and a unique SSRI/SNRI effect which I really enjoy. Not to mention the duration, the bulk of the buzz is around 6hrs, but I can feel after effects…
  • Yeah man, no problem. I understand that should legitimize the pics, didn't mean to sound offensive, it wasn't necessarily directed towards you.
  • I dont see why I would lie about those photos. I didn't tag any of the photos, but I do have somne pics of the STB extraction I performed to acquire the DMT: Freeze precipitating DMT in heptane: One pull after freeze precip. (the same one from above pic): And that is just how I get my molly, it is always in crystal/rocks,…
  • You mean indica's? They're the ones with the 7-9 week flowering time. Sativa's are the ones with 10-14 week flowering times, yikes!. This plan could also be very feasible with autoflowering strains, as they finish about a month earlier.
  • Wonderful stuff isn't it? You know eating fatty foods can increase intranasal BA by 20%? ...And it's damn effective with rectal admin. :p
  • A relitively pure MDMA crystal weighing about ~.9: Id say 1-1.5g QUALITY N,N-DMT: Some 10mg Opana IR's: Some 2mg/ml 2c-i solution 100ml's of it: 100 roche 10mg valiums: A quarter of some good White Rhino: And a plate full of fresh mushrooms (south american strain & grown invitro):
  • dihydrocodeine? Of course it would work. CWE's work with all highly water soluble opiates/opioids (most of the common ones, except propoxyphene). Personally, I'd rather buy a lb or two of pods and make tea/pod putty.
  • I've thought about this before, only problem I see is when they harvest the corn they just chop it all down, and late flowering strains would not be ready by corn harvest time.
  • Tramadol is pretty good, a decent opiate buzz and I really like the serotonergic effects and long duration. And it combines well with benzos, especially diazepam.
  • 20mg is fine for a good solid beginner's dose.
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  • Yes :facepalm:
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  • It IS still operational, just through email now and with limited registration. Shouldn't be saying names if you are unsure. edit: Ordering pharms online is pretty easy if you know where to look and how to verify legitimacy. There was a recent crackdown on US based online pharmacies though (especially ones selling…
  • Yeah, kratom IS great for work. If you experience nausea with kratom (pretty common, more so in higher doses) then take .5-1g ginger root a half hour before ingesting the kratom. It helps a lot.
  • Considering the method of consumption, quality of the kratom, an tolerance, a typical dose is between 4-15g IME. If you are going to be using a good kratom, eating the powdered leaf in applesause, and it's your first time then your dose range is more like 4-8g. You require much less kratom when you are ingesting the leaf…
  • For the lemon tek I powder 2-3g dried quality cubensis and let it sit in a shotglass full of lemon juice for ~15 minutes. I down it with a chaser; not only does it potentate/ intensify it, but it hastens the onset, and quickens the bulk of the trip to about 3hrs. I consider it extremely worthwhile, The acidity increasing…
  • That is a straight stimulant, mephedrone is an empathogen/ stimulant. Where is the comparison?
  • Mephedrone has a hell of a buzz, but watch out for that cardiotoxicity. I went through a gram snorted in 2-3 days and I noticed some serious chest pain which persisted for a few weeks. It was alright trying it as I see it, but I wont ever buy/do that shit again.
  • Use a jet lighter, hold the smoke in as long as you can, be lying down, and BE PREPARED. Salvia has a reverse tolerance effect by the way, it is unlikely you will break through the first time.
  • I wouldn't cut it, I'd dissolve into NP solvent and infuse it in a "neutral" herb for smoking.
  • InsaneIke's spelling. Stupidnoob pwning kidiots. MGB free giveaways/contests. MGB disappearing and becoming a currency black hole. LittlefootonLSD annoying the FUCK out of everyone and spamming the board. :mad: All of Meta's bullshit. Distorsion's mass trolling. Jam's shenanigans. Hazey.
  • Four OC80's a generic oxy 30 and a bunch of pod putty:
  • DXM polystirex lasts much longer than HBr, but I don't think it would extend a tryptamine trip. It would probably just last longer than the tryps and blur the comedown at best. Honestly, I don't know why you would want to taint a good tryptamine experience with such a nasty drug. I'm assuming you are talking about shrooms/…
  • The juice is worth the squeeze, huge profit margins. But the Pf-tek is a joke. Yes, you can grow mushrooms on minimal substrate (brown rice), but you will get MUCH better results by "spawning to bulk". All it is is taking your grain spawn (brown rice, pf cakes, wheat berries, rye, bird seed, etc.) colonizing it, then…
  • I have a little experience combining the two, I did it this 4th of July. But I did more on the order of 40mg oxycodone (I have a tolerance) and 100mg tramadol. But if you only have 5mg oxy and no tolerance, I'd take 150-200mg tram and that 5mg oxy. Tramadol lasts longer, and has a longer peak/plateau so I would take the…
  • If you don't know what is used in a CWE then you probably should be doing it. No raiding the house medicine cabinet with a list of opiate/opioid preparations. But I'm nodding right now so I'll be nice. CWE's are use to just get out APAP (tylenol, so you can nod real hard without doing liver damage) and to "purify" the…
  • You must not remember/know meta.
  • Not exactly rapid, but if your pills have APAP in them I like to start with warm water, dissolve/stir the crushed pills, then stick the solution in the fridge. Some of the APAP dissolves in warm water, but once the temperature drops, it crystallizes (causing a "seeding" effect gathering more and more APAP as the crystals…