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  • It's pretty pagan up here so: Big bonfire and fireworks near my grandfather's house, get really drunk and hope to hell the men passing around bottles of whisky ain't the same ones lighting the fireworks. Exchange family presents (this was for when we were little kids so we would distinguish between stuff from family and…
  • The retroviral drugs that are needed in Africa are actually very cheap to make, it is the pharma corporations that want to pump aid organisations for a profit.
  • One of the conditions of bail was that he had to wear a tag, but the estate he is going to be at is so big that it may not work properly.
  • We have the sense not to give the police in Britain guns, and they are just as bad. At student protests they've managed to give a kid brain damage and get caught on camera chucking a guy with cerebral palsy out of his wheelchair and dragging his across the road because he rolled towards them. One of the few times we give…
  • The apostrophe (') signifies a missing letter Doesn't = does not don't = do not If you want to practice, this site should help
  • With a name like that you better be hispanic. I'm a sucker for hot latino boyzz
  • Look on the bright side, we're not as trolly as zoklet.
  • He got fired because he didn't elaborate and it can be seen as encouraging a very anti-muslim feeling in America. He should have said yeah I'm nervous, but I shouldn't be. It's paranoia from 9/11. Instead of doing this he critisised the decision meaning that they couldn't back down from it.
  • Good stuff, if more people understood Islam I think that they'd realise Muslims share many of the same values Christians do.
  • It seems actual studies show there are no difference on children because of their parents sexuality.
  • They saved the best till last. They also put the servers in a nuclear bunker, which means that what's in these documents must be pretty damaging for the government. Another thing I'm interested to read: The pentagon want to buy the entire first…
  • Yeah usually the really fucked up shit goes on in places where no one is watching. What is going on in some African countries right now is really appalling, this is where we should be pointing the spotlight.
  • The fact is, Marriage is nothing to do with religion anymore, it is a legally binding contract. There are 2 different types of contract, the civil partnerships don't provide the following rights which marriage does. You are discriminating against homosexual people until you give them this rights by letting them marry, or…
  • Iran don't legally have stoning on in the penal code, it's in the process of being removed. You should take a look at some of the countries which openly use it as a punishment: Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria
  • But it also provides people with rights, rights that gay people are denied. It is not just about marriage, it's about all these rights that they are being denied
  • Go a little further back and there would have been no Jesus.
  • First of all the way they measure this is very dodgy, if blacks were genuinely less intelligent it would have to do with ancestry yet. But studies to see about a race/intelligence correlation... Maybe it's because statistically they're one of the poorest groups, so more of them aren't college educated? Social inequality…
  • What about the seperation of church and state. Just because a religion believes something doesn't mean they have to force their beliefs on everyone else. Just because you believe it to be "wrong" doesn't make it so "Negative stereotypes characterize LGB people as less romantically stable, more promiscuous and more likely…
  • Nearly as bad as News Corp for trying to sue "Skype", claiming they owned the "Sky"
  • If you look far enough back this is true of anyone.
  • They did make a show like this, except it was called something like bum fights, with homeless people instead of starving african children.
  • I just get the feeling that much of this hate is directed against arabs, with Islam being the cover story.
  • If they're putting them there before releasing more documents, this makes me think the best is yet to come.
  • WTF I thought you were a girl?!?!?
  • I have about 2 days of untitled music in my itunes, no idea what the hell it could be. Also got a lot of music I've never listened to because I download stuff for friends and it ends up on itunes. I definitely will not be listening to hardcore dance anthems or bonkers 8 through to 15 anytime soon.
  • Good that they've raised money but this is probably all build up for the elections. If they can keep this sort of thing up it would be great, maybe have some intelligent debate instead of the mud-slinging that's been going on.
  • 11 people managed to get off the tracks safely and he didn't. Bet he was the fat guy in that group of friends.
  • In Britain the English Defence League (EDL) have been holding protests in Bradford. They say there are against militant Islam but target anyone non-white. They were jeering "Allah - paedophile", "We want our country back" "Allah, Allah, who the fuck is Allah?" and "We love the floods" at the Unite Against Fascism…
  • I always always go for a piss after sex, stops you from getting UTIs, which are hell on earth. Sex routine depends what time of day. If it's through the day usually lie about in bed for a bit, then get dressed and get something to drink. Have a smoke. Let the dog back in. Have to put him outside of he'll scratch on the…
  • It really depends on how old they are mentally. You'll get some girls that are grown up quite a lot at age 15-16, but others of the same age are like children. What I do find fucked up is that a lot of the older guys that me and my friends went with when we were 14-15 (they were 18-20) are still targeting the same age of…
  • I love the news and politics forums, but find myself creeping over to zoklet because it's more active even with the crazy level of trolling.
  • Try this: It's logical enough. Also you may be interested in Nostradamus. Look at the world, we're having some of the most extreme weather and geological events in a long time, all really close together. The planet is changing. Oh, you also might want to look into Gaia, it's pretty…
  • Introduced me to a lot of good people I still talk to to this day. Perverted my mind. Introduced me to 4chan :mad:
  • I didn't do this but a friend of mine did. They really needed a shit at a party but there was no toilet roll, do they ripped apart this girls jacket and used it, they then blocked the toilet because the sleeves wouldn't flush. Stupid accident: I was kinda excited because it was the weekend, had music on dancing about sorta…
  • You still have to go through customs if you own a private jet. And I think you have to let the air traffic controller know when you're taking off and where you are going. If you go off track they'd know pretty quickly. Also, the person killing themselves are most likely going to be a brainwashed person with little ties,…
  • No it's a nation torn apart by the drug cartels funded my America's insatiable demand for drugs.
  • Rings a bell, welcome back.
  • More evidence that the war on drugs isn't working.
  • Hey Fox Fans, Your Favorite Network Is Part-Owned By a Saudi Prince Whose Family Rules By Sharia Law EDIT: credit to OP
  • I get kinda excitable around a full moon, well more like erratic. It's great :D
  • Update: Got everything worked out and things are back to normal. He was really stressed out about money/work and worrying about that kinda put sex on the back burner. But I helped him sort it out and now things are better than ever. Guess I was just over-analysing things rather as just talking about it. I did kinda worry…
  • But the private companies make lots of money when contracted soldiers die.
  • Seems very improbable that he received those injuries from a taser or a fall. Sounds more like he was beaten up and the taser is a cover story. Cracked skull could be from a fall, but a ruptured spleen and cracked pelvis?
  • Invest a lot of it, enjoy life for a few years then start a family. God, that sounds fucking boring.
  • Maybe an IQ test before a gun license is given? Or even just a redneck ban?:) Seriously though we don't have them in the UK and it's no big deal. You can get a gun license if you want but guns aren't widespread. If our police accidentally fire at the wrong guy, it's okay, they only use tasers. (Okay maybe not so okay when…
  • America may be capable off attacking Iran but the damage to international relations would be severe. Turkey is already threatening to severe ties with Washington and American complicity with Israel has a lot of people angry. You're lucky you don't recognise the Hague Court or the last few Presidents would have had prime…