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  • Yep same here I been sleeping with my eyes open :D Well if the forum is compromised its time to move on so. God I miss The old HIVE and the good old days when there been less stress and more fun but sure this is the life my friends. It was pleasure to read a bit on the topic anyway. wurfgurf man I hope you be safe and its…
  • U are lucky to be in Japan man. Just get some1 from Yakuza and they supply u with shit loads of psudo or China is the best for this and is as cheep as u can imagine. We been ordering from there for years and it was amazing until 2 years ago the pigs coped on. I would not bother with over counter if I can get the thing from…
  • You make my day pal there is so much of syrup here and I never bother with it until now :D Just wondering would be ok use xylene or naphtha instead chloroform? If not I will make some from bleach and acetone would that sort be ok? Last time I think of chloroform was back in the days of the Iceman from OZ doing his video.…
  • See them Tablets they are rubbish man I had bad experience with all of them with Triprolidine Hydrochloride: 2.5g They just tend to fuk up the end and the product is weak as fuk. I stick to sudafed only. All the white tablets these days look to me like they have HCL and some like base compound in them its strange I will…
  • I will send ya list of ingredients too in a bit. We have the Sudafed red 60mg but hence a guy I know fuked it up and get him self cot they cut the amount per box from 24 to 12tab :/ it almost doubled up the price too. I found out do that the most effective is the straight to B variation and few boils in np after and…