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  • Well in any story I have ever written the character uses Hexan and Ether or just one of those. The Coleman's you talk of. Is just white gas or naptha. Coleman's is a name brand and they make both. Try having your character in your next story use ether(from washed starting fluid) or straight Hexan (from electrical parts…
  • Thanks for the response. I didn't think anyone Could see it or it got moved to the wrong spot. So lye will remove the water produced by the Li NaOH reaction? Then why can the ratio of Li to PSE not be narrowed down more. My research had lead to reading about many many many reactions and with a minor tweak here or there…
  • Hey thanks for at least replying to the post. Listen PM me I got some good info finally and I saw you had questions. I will post my Life findings shortly
  • Come on people can we get some input, findings, anything?
  • I don't even know how it got flagged obviously it wasn't intended.
  • This was actually on Scribe thats where i first saw it. If Enso took the tek he took the tek i get claiming and not giving credit where it is due but the amount of help he gave certain newbee's on here along with the harm reduction has more then made up for the taking of said story. The more brilliant minds we have working…
  • I am thinking this is 100% accurate to where my loss is being attributed well that and whatever they are adding two these dann pills now a days. Enso it's good to see your still around. Know ya must have a lot of whit going on with school and what not. I am trying to put my findings with this story and amount of Li used…
  • Hey guys is anyone around on here tonight. Got some spot balling for a new story and need some of the brain trusts input
  • Then was finalized with steam distill
  • Last two stories were actually finalized that way. In it a fire extinguisher was set up with an inline dryer hooked directly to a reaction flask. Had trouble at first because oxygen displacement was being a bitch so I ended up back purging with argon and that kept the Li looking brand new till the NH3 was introduced
  • So where is everyone. Sorry I have been away for a few days. I have been working on some research for the stories we all have been writing and I think I have stumbled on something that as of now has been proving itself very true. Stay tuned in a day maybe two I will post my findings just have to make sure it 100% accurate…
  • I have read mixed results all over the place on this with some saying to steer clear and others preaching it is the way to go do to producing a superior end product because of it being produced by natural means and not synthetic but that's a whole other topic of discussion
  • Yeah but there has to be a way to defeat it its organic chem there is always away around. Has anyone heard of us Ma Haung and doing an AB with steam distill to retrieve the product to react?
  • Sorry also in this story and AB extraction was performed on what accumulated in the filter that was used to filter the hot acetone during the re xtal and it has yet to be gassed and weighed.
  • This story was actually documented and photographed and passed along to me but I don't know the rules for posting such things so please someone with more knowledge pm me.
  • Well there was a story written today and in that story suda 24 hour was used. The 10 pills were cut in half and soaked for 3 hours in acetone. When cover was removed the middle layer in the pills (a clear skin that when dried turned hard as plastic) separated from the pill along with the outer layer. Clear skin was thrown…
  • See now I really wasn't thinking about it like that and it very well could be something new in the pills that makes a shit ton of sense because from what I remember it was just about a year ago your right and shit started going down hill from there. I have yet to read anything on any of the main sites stating such an…
  • The biggest issue I keep reading about is alot of stories is with yeild like so bad I have started researching to try and find the answer and am losing sleep at night wondering were the hell its going . I would also like to say that all this is hypothetical and that anything that is written by me was learned from…
  • No there are no other sites discussing it because they look down on it and it puzzles the shit out of me. I want to meet the man who first came up with this because its ingenious. There was a site that I found were a few guys were kicking around some of the hypothetical s but it was closed due to the moderators finding it…
  • Just remember that with naptha it works best when heated both during and after the reaction. Also watch out for those videos they leave a lot of very useful information out and sometimes it's information that if you don't know it it can give your story a very bad ending.
  • You want to stick with plastic if possible. Metal even stainless can build up condensation from hot to cold and avoiding any h20 is highly recommended. This is just what I have read in certain story's.
  • Correction it's not NH4SO3 but NH4NO3
  • I have wrote these story's a bunch and my biggest issue is with acheving the proper amount back but what it does get back is always the shit and when the powder is taken and a small amount of iso alcohol is added the pattern formed is completely uniform with no small circles or other shapes forming with the lattice. I can…
  • Quick question. Been trying to finish this story but for some reason the ending keeps coming out way short. In the story all solvents have been pre dried with MgSO4 and the NH4NO3 has also been dried up some due to the absorption of water while in mortar and pestle for some reason the shit that's bought in this story gets…
  • Is this post still open. New here and I have some good info to add to story time. Enso if still around please post. I have