Fuck it, I am going to get another coop

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I had one in the past - it was one of the cars I allways wanted to own. While the rest of it was perfect, the gearbox went and I needed a car for work. Brings a tear to my eye that I did not fix it but sold it, it was my baby.

I am now activly in the market for one - as long as it is not rotten as fuck I do not care - but fabbing some body work does not bother me, nor does spraying it (I have access to a biiiiiig workshop).

I am not going to buy any old pile of shite, I want a turbo model and I will be pulling at least 350 horses out of the (2L) engine. My Father wants in, so I might do the engine work in conjunction with him and the bodywork on my own.

This is one of them for those not in the know.


It is one of the last Great British cars - bar the MG ZT V8 and the MG SV.

Might take me a couple of months to find the one I want, but I will nut and bolt the fucker and it will be docced here.

That is all.


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