Corey Adams has a bad encounter with facebook

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Because Corey Adams is a dumb fucker.
Seriously! Who fuck would use facebook for any illegal activity, especially one as serious as this. :facepalm:
Teen admits trying to hire hit man on Facebook
Perhaps this is a first.
A teenager from West Chester, Pa., pleaded guilty Friday to several offenses that might put him in state prison for between 11 and 22 years.
One of the offenses was rape. He compounded his criminality by attempting to use Facebook in order to hire a hit man to kill the victim.
According to the Daily Local News in Chester County, 19-year-old Corey Christian Adams raped a woman last June. However, after she confronted him over the phone at a later date, the prosecution said, Adams posted on his Facebook page: "I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread? Hit me up anyway possible."
Such was Adams' apparent urgency in finding a hit man through Facebook that he reportedly fixed a rendezvous with someone he thought might help him with the murder attempt. This turned out to be Detective Stan Billie of the West Chester Police.
Adams didn't show at the meeting, but Billie told the court on Friday that Adams returned to Facebook to post another criminal message. This one reportedly read that he "needed this girl knocked off right now."


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    Sounds like a guido.
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    Wow. That is actually so unbelievable that I thought it was a troll article at first :facepalm:

    What an idiot. Rule number one of being a criminal is to keep your mouth shut :thumbsup:
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    And rule number two is always do your own dirty work by yourself.
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    Well done Corey Adams - if you're reading this, you're an idiot :D
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    I doubt if he has internet access in his cage.
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    Rule number 3 is eat a healthy balanced breakfast in AM.

    A small lunch

    plenty of fluids and snaks

    finish it off with bourbon and crab cakes for dinner .
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    See kids, that's the importance of building up good real world connections.
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    People like this deserve an extended sentence for stupidity. If you want to kill someone do it yourself.:facepalm: Especially considering if you get caught it's the same charge whether you did it yourself or hired a hitman. Actually hiring someone to do it is even worse because then you can't even attempt to claim it wasn't pre meditated.
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    The best way to kill someone is with pathogens that occur naturally in the body at non toxic levels but still have a fatal potential. At least that is what an old friend who is a pathologist once told me. I a not sure what they are but I did come away from that conversation with one thing.

    Never piss off a pathologist.
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