Catching Graffiti Artists

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Apparently some police departments use pattern tracking software.

I learned that here:
"Two officers in the San Jose police graffiti unit were able to hunt down Free using software that tracks tagging patterns."

Anyone heard of this being used before? Do the police just stake out the next most likely location?


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    Later, they found thousands of pictures of Girafa tags on several of his social network sites. He was also suspected of tagging in San Francisco and the East Bay.

    :facepalm: This is why you don't admit to crimes on the internet.
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    What a bellend. Don't boast about shit online.
    And yes, Police departments do work in close-contact with Local Authorities to build a database of types of paint, tags etc. In London the Police spent 3 hours collecting and analysing paint flakes scraped off a wall, though, and all they could do was determine it was made in China.
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    As long on you don't post it on your social networking site you should be fine. He was stupid to post it there. If he wants people on the internet to see his work he should get on a proxy and upload them anonymously. 38,000 dollars is a steep price to pay for not taking proper security measures.

    I'm curious about this software that's said to track tagging patterns. How would it directly pinpoint to this guy? Part of me suspects that this tracking software isn't what got him busted and that they're just trying to scare monger taggers with technology.
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    Unless they're using some sophisticated Camera for taking pictures and they have huge database of control pictures, I can't see the software doing any good. It may have helped them in finding a match for the image but it's tracking more of like looking for a match.

    They're just boosting about the software. When it comes to Internet, do not boost about raping, killing etc unless you know what you're doing. In my case I can easily use the writer defense and call my guides fictional, which they mostly are.

    So, don't be an idiot. Tag but upload them via another service and ask someone else to link them.
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