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How Deep Does It Go?

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I am drinking Tang [Refreshing Drink with Vitamins] and eating some biscuits. It's 10 AM and I haven't slept since 4 PM. My legs were shaking before but now they're back to normal, but something else is tingling right now.

It started when I was getting ready to sleep, I was about to lie on my welcoming bed but I remembered that today is the due date for the Phone bill. I got up and went to the bathroom. Few seconds later some heavy perfume here and there, I drove to the bank. Got to the ATM, withdraw some money and got into the bank. While I was in the queue I kept observing things like I usually do. The bank girls were chatting a bit loudly but I just kept my cool, the worst part was the stupid shaking. Due to rolling blackout they were using generators and my long legs were annoying me.

Once the transaction was complete, I drove back and changed dress. While I was doing that, I sudden thought hit me. Everyone was sleeping right now and at the moment no one was near me. I have a strange affection to my naked body, while others shy away, I love being naked, the fact that it's forbidden in Islam to expose your body makes it more fun.

Since I eat like a pig some times, my stomach really gets mad at me and it's hard to keep my stomach flat at this hour. I eat late at night around 4 AM and this does fuck me up. I undress and then get in front of the mirror. I make poses and then check my weight. It's around 76 KG which is good since it recently went to 80 KG just 48 hours ago and that was because of the fucking constipation which I think I still have.

After posing and checking my weight, I get some measuring tape and start checking different body parts. Both legs aren't equal etc. While I was doing that, I thought kept bugging me. It's been a while since I did the Naked Special which I usually do from time to time, once a month or maybe once every two months.

I got the kitchen and get two large tissues and then I go into my room and take out my handy bottle. So, there I was standing in front of the mirror looking at my face and body and trying to get an erection. I waited for a while and then said fuck it. Went to my room and got an old brush out my closet. I lubed it up using the oil, got my ass up to the level and slowly inserted in to my tight asshole. It went a bit but didn't make any progress. I thought the angle was wrong.

For those who're saying OMFG this is gay, it isn't. It's my body I can bloody well finger fuck myself, plus it prevents prostate cancer. While doing it my dick gets hard. I lube my left hands (I use left hand for fapping, sort of old habit thanks to Islam). I rub my dick and use the right hand to keep the toothbrush in place. After few attempts I move on to the bed.

At this point my dick is hard but the brush hurts. It's not really helping at all. I want to get off before someone comes in and sees me like this. It's not a pleasant sight, a dude laying on the bed with his dick hard and his right hand holding a toothbrush close to his ass.

Seeing this technique was epically failing. I went to my room and looked for some plastic shopping bag. Condoms would be a good choice but I didn't have and plus this wasn't planned, it just happened.

Got the bag lubed up, used my small finger and pushed it in. It went in fairly easily and I was shocked. I was waiting for the pain but nothing happened. It seems my asshole is quite friendly, which means I have a greater chance of surviving prison. Little finger didn't do any good. So, I tried the next one, still not well. Finally I used my middle finger. At first it went in a bit but it didn't touch the spot I was aiming for.

Thrusting in and out slowly I tried to go in as deep as possible. Usually you should relax your asshole at this point but I found to my surprise that the more I push the harder my penis gets and I am that much closer to getting off. At this point I am really enjoying it, deeper and deeper I thrust my middle finger and harder I jerk off using my left finger.

Something has to give, I don't give a shit I start shitting like mad, I just need to get off, my mind tries to picture some hot girl, some nice tits and fucking pussy and some hot assholes, it goes in and out, my body is shaking, I need to get off, my eyes are tired but my body is behaving differently, it needs this, it wants this. I shake one more time and then I came. Trust me it seemed I just impregnated 72 Virgins in heaven at that point, on and one my semen flowed and finger kept working my asshole.

As my body relaxed, I picked the tissue papers and cleaned my semen. I cleaned my asshole and then pee'd in the toilet. Right now I sense my asshole is oily but who cares. Apart from the random farts, I feel awesome. It seems some hidden button was pressed and my body just released some tension.

I know some people might find this weird but given the culture I represent this is SUPER weird and forbidden, btw you can't fuck your wife anally, doing that will break your Nikah [Marriage] and you will have to remarry. So, what I did majority of Pakistani's don't do. But I didn't do it because I fancy dudes, I did because I want to maintain my sexual health and I am sharing this in hopes that other users might be open about their sexuality and focus on these health issues.

I hope you enjoyed this, happy Jerking off. Now, I need to take a long and oily shit.


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