ways of gettin through oxy w/d's

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one of my friends wants to quit oxys for a month or so. he has been at em on a daily basis for about 3 months and developed quite a tolerance.

what should he expect as far as the w/d's?
how long will they last?
what are the best things to do to relieve the symptoms? i've heard weed/bars work great.



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    Opiate withdrawals are my area of expertise....

    1. Weed helps some people. Personally it just puts me to sleep sometimes, and more often than not gives me terrible anxiety attacks.

    2. Clonidine. Oxy isnt quite as torturous as heroin, but i imagine that a blood pressure spike and hot and cold sweats comes with it. Clonidine helps these symptoms.

    3. (Obviously) Opiates. Depending on what your goal is- to lower tolerance or kick for good...a regular dose of some weaker opiates will take the edge off the w/d and make them a bit more manageable. Of course you also slightly prolong the inevitable, but i find youre more likely to get clean when the process is gradual and not immediate and extreme (painful). Bupe (subutex/ suboxone) and methadone fall under this category.

    4. Benzos. Other people swear by them, particularly valium. I, personally, never felt much from them save when I mixed xanax with alcohol. For the most pat, I am a wooly rhinoceros of a man...and nothing but gigantic doses of smack does much to me,

    5. Immodium- Helps with ole' faithful that'll be shooting out of your ass every hour like clockwork. Plus some junkies swear that the loperamide helps. However, they also swear that methadone gets into your bones, as well as the fact that rinsing your rig in public toilet water is sufficient to kill blood-borne pathogens, and is now safe to share.... (no joke)

    6. Muscle relaxers- One of the worst parts for me is the squirming around in bed, unable to get comfortable. Restless leg syndrome. Searing back pain. The works. Muscle relaxers bang on those cramps like a Mara bangs on a pinche miate lost in the barrio, guey.

    7. Hot showers- I cannot oversell this. Hot showers have been a lifesaver more times than I can count. Just as hot as u can possibly stand. If you want, you can even sit in the bottom of the shower...maybe drape a couple towels across ur back so the hot water stays there. Ive actually fallen asleep in the shower a few times when I was really sick. Plus if you barf or shit all over yourself in there, its easy cleanup. YAY!! -_-

    8. Sex/ oral sex- You'd think this would be kinda counter intuitive for someone who feels like death. But the fact of the matter is that opiate withdrawal reverses all the feelings that you had while you were high. Opiates numb you to emotion, sensation. So it happens that when you're withdrawing...well lets just say things can get EXTREMELY sensitive. If youre in late stage withdrawal and a guy, chances are that you wont be able to go more than a couple minutes of either, but it helps- trust me. A blowjob when youre dopesick feels 100x better than any one you ever had before. I know....nuts, huh? Orgasms release endorphins though, which help a tiny bit in your fight to make it through.

    9. Movies/ TV/ Entertainment- One of the hardest parts for me- being sick- is that time seems to go by so fucking slowly. A half hour feels like an entire afternoon when youre writhing around, shivering in cold bedsheets soaked in your various bodily fluids. I just load up BitTorrent with movies and shit, and then let em run. Long running TV shows are good too. The longer the better. Basically anything that you can just mindlessly watch for hours on end, that will keep you occupied for large chunks of time= perfect. The other day I killed 3 days watching all of The Sopranos, The Pacific, The Shield, Legends of the Fall, a bunch of 90's action movies and all the George Romero flicks. It helps a TON.

    Well....thats all i got off the top of my head. Hopefully it helps you some. N of course Im sure it doesnt need saying- but I will anyway.... It better to head addiction off in the pass and just NOT have to deal with it, rather than indulge like an arrogant retard and whine later when youre shooting chunky hershey's syrup out of every orifice. Best of luck to u anyway!

    And if anyone ever wants to ask me anything or have any questions or need of advice...dont hesitate to shoot me a PM. Unless of course Im withdrawing
    - in which case ill tell you to kindly fuck off and die.... :D
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    I like you, Casper. I have been on opiates for 5 years straight due to medical shit and can't even go 2 days without codeine/tramadol/DHC
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