Vancouver Hockey Riot

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Balls, we are having another hockey riot. The same thing happened in 94 when we lost to the Rangers. Something about losing at hockey makes people go fucking batshit. Truth is, this would have happened either way, when 10000 drunk fuckups decide it's time to burn some shit and do some smash and grab, any excuse will do.

Here are some pics;



Mayberry, how could you?

This is on an unprecedented scale, the 94 riot was confined to a small area, but this time shit broke out at all the venues set up for people to watch the games. One guy was killed in 94, I knew him, he was an asshole, and deserved it.

Normally I would be amused, especially if it was happening in Toronto. But after the 94 riot, we started getting a reputation as "no fun city", because any time someone proposed an event that would draw a bunch of people downtown, every asshole who got butthurt in the riot said "no way, remember 94?", and tried to shut it down.

It took all of five minutes after the Canucks lost for things to get nasty.When I left work, the news was that the cops had declared any group of people an "unlawful gathering" and 8 bus's of military and civilian pigs were rolling in to bust heads. I hope anyone stupid enough to stick around gets their brains bashed in.

Don't these morons know that the pigs will be going over every second of footage to lay charges on anyone they can? Idiots. When the Canucks make the finals next year and there are no public gatherings allowed, I hope every dumbfuck remembers why. Fuck, the stink from this is going to linger for years.

I am going downtown tomorrow, and will post pics of any damage I see.



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