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"As you can see there is no mention of a kayak in any of them. That is not to say that other shitty posts by you have not been moved out of the original threads and into NIMF.

I will bear no further discussion of this topic ITT thread so if you wish to respond to these truths I would suggest you either make a thread in HB, continue it via the private message system or join us in TeamSpeak and discuss it like a adult. Should you choose to ignore this advice and continue to attempt to derail this thread with more of your thinly veiled, butt hurt fueled drama I will take steps to stop it in a fashion which does not require your cooperation. "

Well if you go to this thread you'll see that you are quoting from a post of mine that no longer appears in that thread. So much for the 'moderated comments' argument - Check and mate. Posts of mine have been deleted.

There are other posts that also disappeared.

I also posted a massive repsonse to someone in a stock market thread in the money section after someone claimed his friend lost a whole lot of money using his university tuition money to invest in apple instead (which if you look at the chart from 1995 to right now losing money on apple would be very hard to do) before debating the merits of enrolling in unversity if you have the accumen to succeed regardless.

Maybe its a website glitch, maybe another moderator removed them - maybe im a crazy man and they were never posted at all..... but then why would you be responding, with a quote, to a post that never happened?

You derail the thread and accuse me of outright lies and then tell me I dont have the right to respond in that same thread, implying that if i do I will be banned. Great job buddy.

What the actual fucking fuck.


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    I did not delete your post. It would be foolish of me to delete a post that is quoted by me and claim it was not deleted. It is possible that I missed a moderated post while pouring through 10 plus page of moderated threads from spam bots and shitiots just to put your latest attempt at drama to rest. As for derailing a thread I responded to a users question that was not on topic. You attempted to derail the thread with your thinly veiled passive aggression.

    You pattern is becoming painfully obvious and you are skirting in the edge of rule number 1.
    Community Rules
    • Thou shalt not cause grief to thy Administrator, Global Moderators, or Moderator in their sections. These people volunteer their time and have been chosen for their contributions to the community in general as well as the forum(s) they moderate. Their time is better spent contributing content to discussion than dealing with useless drama.

    I gave you three options in the post you have quoted ITT. That does not mean they were all good options nor does it mean they were your only options. I gave you a certain bit of leeway to see if you were capable of walking away from a shitstorm of your own making. By exercising the option you did you have failed to accomplish this. Welcome to your last chance.

    *EDIT* In addition to the rules the ToS also applies. I would suggest you read and understand it. Below is one section that may be of particular interest to you ATM.
    Site Access; Account Deletion
    We may take any of the following actions in our sole discretion at any time and for any reason without giving you prior notice:
    • Restrict or terminate your access to the Services;
    • Change or discontinue the Services;
    • Deactivate your accounts and delete all related information and files in your accounts;

    We will not be liable to you or any third party for taking any of these actions and we will not be limited to the remedies above if you violate these Terms.

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    I chose to respond this way because I have a legitimate gripe.

    Several of my posts went missing; the kayak thread is the smoking gun - and from you're quote in that thread I cannot understand why it would of been deleted.
    If it is a glitch (which I believe it most likely is) then members should be aware of it. If it isnt; then the community would want to see some sort of explaination.

    Its been noted before that I dont care for TeamSpeak.

    That simple.

    I'm sure that you will be able to quickly search for a string of text from the kayak post and find out where it went to.
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    I am sure that the forum software works differently than you understand it to. I am just as sure that I am not overly concerned about one post from you that is still viewable as it is quoted. In other words I am not going to bother to look for your lost crayon. You have no legitimate gripe the only thing you have is a desire to stir up shit as is clearly evidenced by your sustained pattern of behavior. If you could hear the comments that mature users have made about you in the last few weeks in both TS and in my PM inbox you would understand that you are being viewed by the type of member we want as the type of member we do want.

    I am going to give you one last chance to drop your drama quest. Should you choose not to take advantage of this leniency to not look for any explanation for any action I may take as you have received it in advance.
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    I'm not trying to stir up shit. But the post is not viewable. Ergo it has been removed and as neither you nor I are claiming responsibility for removing it a mystery develops.

    I dont know how the forum software works; but the post is not there. Other posts of mine were also removed; perhaps of other users also.

    Im an active poster here and I consider myself a contributing one. If someone is inboxing you regarding my posts I'd ask them to raise it with myself also - I dont run around calling people names or posting inane comments, and I havent had anyone besides you tell me that they dont care for my contribution to the forums.

    If there is a reason that legit that posts have suddenly been wiped off the face of then I'm sure that you would want to know what it is as much as the next member. I conceed that a few early posts werent of the new direction but the rest have been.

    I've found the post number of my comment in the kayak threads thats gone missing, lets work together and solve this mystery.
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    Like I said MoMT, I don't know where your post went. The content is still viewable as I quoted it. I don't see it as a mystery I see it as an anomaly that is not worth arguing about. I admit that you have the potential to be the type of user we are looking for. The problem is every time you take two steps forward you take 1 1/2 backwards with this type of unwanted, self-centered drama. My suggestion is that we instead work together in making this community drama free and place other mature people wish to invest time in rather than trying to solve a "mystery" that is not worth the effort you have put into it.

    P.S. I am going to bed so think it over for a day and make up your mind. But don't expect my involvement in this exercise any further.
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