A funny thing happened at work today

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So I work at a new car dealership,I'm by the front desk watching a service writer "brad" writing up a customer.
He see's the woman's little 4 year old son and leans over the counter and says with a Texas accent mind you "HEY LITTLE BUDDY DID SANTA GYT YOU LOTS OF TOY'S FOR CHRISTMAS??".
The kid puts his head down all dejected and says"No I'm Jewish".
At that point I see the mother give a look that would kill and I leave the room fast! God I thought Ive seen it all but that was just too funny.
Later I told Brad that If you see a name like Steinburg or Silverstein Don't say anything about Christmas.
I wish i had that on video.


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    LOL, I thought you worked for Mazda? Dont all Jews drive old Volvos and fucked 3 door civics where you live? :)

    Reminds me of an old joke.

    A guy works on the classifieds section of a local newspaper, taking calls for adverts, obituaries, births, marraiges ect.

    Gets a call and the woman asks 'How much is a word please?'

    The guy replies '50p per word'

    The woman says, ok, I want 'Hyme Is Dead'

    'OK, just the three words, thats not an awful lot for an obituary?'

    'Fey, I am just a poor old Jewish widow, three words is all I can afford'

    Feeling sorry for the poor widows financial situation and the recent loss of her husband, he says 'OK, well, you pay for three words, I will give you three more for free. It will make it easier for the type setter to space the advert anyway, do you want to have a think about what you would like and call back?'

    Quick as a flash, the woman says 'Hyme Is Dead. Volvo For Sale'.
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    LOL good joke.
    You would be surprised at how many Yids I have to deal with on a daily basis.
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