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SLR Camera Sim - Test your Skills

DfgDfg Admin
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I use a point and shoot Camera and I would love to play with a DSLR or SLR Camera. But now I can.


Go there, play with the controls and try to get the best shot possible. Go for manual controls if possible.


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    God damn this is fun, takes me back to working at a camera store where I'd be playing around with expensive DSLR's all day long, snapping pictures of girls walking past :D Nice find Dfg!
  • RemadERemadE Global Moderator
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    Fuck! I wasted £450 on a goddamn DSLR a few years back and now the Internet does this?!
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    I wouldn't call a £450 DSLR a waste of money! Unless it was a shit one, then yeah, :facepalm:
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