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Installing a Split AC - Read it

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Basically some idiots that I payed money to installed the Split AC which was taken from my sisters room and then moved in to my main room. Their room was big and the AC couldn't provide enough cooling. So, we moved it here. I payed them 4000 Rs for installing and filling up the gas which they called American fucking gas yeah right. There are two refrigerants (HFL and CFC) R401a and R22. I don't which one they used. I was curious to see how badly they screwed me and hence I decided to do a bit of research.

They performed all the required steps but there work was low grade at best, first the Split leaks water from the front which means the drainage pipe isn't connected correctly, next the tubing isn't insulated correctly which results in poor cooling and most of all, they didn't use Vacuum procedure which is required when the tubes are opened. That results in loss of pressure. Plus, they showed me the gauge when they were taking it apart but they didn't show me when they were done with it.

I am seriously considering kicking their butts which I will do today. I am going to call them and ask them to come. I already check two other Split units in my house and they perform as expected. When you select 26C the air coming from the AC is much cooler, while my split doesn't do jack shit. It brought temperature from 33 to 31 and it couldn't go down, even when I selected 16C and kept it running for two hours. Assuming I have a constant heat source in the room, it's still should be powerful enough to drop the temperature below 28 C, fucking hell the outside Temperature was 28 C and inside it was 31C. How retarded is that?

Anyway, I learned a lot from this video:

I can't find the manual for the AC otherwise I would know the exact rating and units.
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