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Series - The Power of Nightmares

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So during the medley that was today, I was watching some old Screenwipe episodes whilst drooling over my new 2TB backup disk and during that I spotted a documentary that they used which was narrated by a very familiar sounding voice.
The Narrator and Producer, Adam Curtis had also done a mini series called The Century of the Self (which I HIGHLY recommend!) but this one is called The Power of Nightmares.

In essence, this 3-part docuseries analyses how fear is used for political gain, with examples of America and the Soviet Union - as well as Islamist movements (such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Jihadi groups as well as Mujihadeen...oh and Egypt and Pakistan), the failings of Liberalism in the USA and the birth of Neo-Conservatism.

I would love to type more but I'm tripping right now and am in awe. It's certainly not perfect. Nothing is, but hey, it's made me think a LOT about the stuff I was taught at University as fact.

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    Fear is the oldest political tool in the bag. The formula is very simple and very effective and has not changed since ancient Babylon.
    1. Create a problem.
    2. Create fear and opposition to the problem via rumors and the media.
    3. When the people demand a solution to the problem give it to them in the form of tighter government control and less freedom.
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    Exactomundo! If you have a couple of hours, seriously this series (well both of them) are genuinely interesting. Quite liked watching how the Politicians in the early 20th Century would allow people to chase their dreams (creation of the American Dream, Consumerism etc) and the Reagan/Thatcher era (knowing one of her distant relatives is fucking me many-a poontang at Uni) changed the world and free market to the direction we now are driving down.

    The fact it's now possible to be killed, arrested or any other legal enforcement just for implying something Terrorist-related (despite arguments that Al Qaeda aren't actually real and more just the umbrella term for resistance/Terrorist groups) actions.

    More people were arrested in Northern Ireland that in mainland UK for Terrorism offences in the last 10 years. Yet we on this small Isle never hear of it because it would never sell. The only Irish cunt I think we should take out is Louis Walsh.
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    Never heard of this Walsh fellow but if you say he's gotta go he's gotta go.
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