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Happy Birthday to Me, Forever Alone?

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I don't celebrate Birthdays, in fact I have no real interest in them. Sure it's fun to be reminded you have just aged up and your body is now going up the dead mill but it's sort of depressing. You start to think how much you have wasted in life, how much you could have achieved or how many people you could have met, but for me it doesn't matter. I don't have high expectation in life anyway, I guess it's one of my flaws. I feel content with little, I don't need MUCH to feel glad and happy. I don't lust to surround myself with tons of people, I don't want tons of money, I just want to be me.

And yeah I would like a partner in life but so far, I am trying my level best but it's not working. This whole day was an utter failure to be honest. Normally I would be going through some life changing conflict but I am not even interested in it. University is fun to a certain extent, I am surrounded by girls yet I have no interest in them, like NONE fucking NONE. I don't dig guys and I am not gay in any way. I just don't like jumping up to some girl and trying to play some tricks on them. They're intellectually sub-par, nothing gets me excited then an intelligent women. OMG, I just love women who aren't religious, like to explore new things and are open minded.

Unfortunately that breed is quite rare here and from what I have heard and learned first hand, women here are mostly slaves, they're always in some sort of bind. I did some acting today where I acted professionally and the scene was on an Eunuch who is trying to beg money from a car driver and the driver is trying to flirt with him. Considering I do get a fair share of them while I am in the car or waiting in the parking, I know their behavior and how they would react, plus I have a natural talent for acting for some strange reason.

The teacher asked me to pick any scene and I randomly decided on this one, I knew no one would have the balls to do it, so I gave it a shot. Setup the scenes, the Camera, even directed the shot and it was hilarious and quite funny. Until some retard who went Islamic on my ass and I literally went berserk. Needless to say I bitch slapped that idiots and I am slowing bitch slapping everyone. They're media students and unfortunately they're idiots in every sense of the way. I am surprised that they're even in this field.

Enough of the rant. The thing is, haters are always going to hate but it's good to keep testing your circle with different stuff. Over time I have learned that by using the shock and awe factor I can easily eliminate potential threats, I have now devoted some time to watching adult content in the class while the teacher is giving the lecture, just to see how everyone reacts. So far they're quite liberal, the girls are the most shocking in that regard. They do have a lot of solid potential and they don't mind jokes and nasty stuff.

ANYWAY, it's one year up, I am 27, I got only at least 3 years before I decide to marry to settle down. During that time I need to completely make myself from the ground up and really aim higher. I am devoting my time to Video editing, from direction or concept creation and VFX (effects) and 3D. I will be drawing elements and focusing on graphics while doing management when it comes to tech. I am sort of gifted when it comes to computers and technology, so it would be a waste to complete ignore that side.

In the end, Happy Bday to me, totseans you're the only foundation I need in my life. Hope to find my real soul mate (if it isn't dead yet) from here.

p.s.: for the ladies, I am extremely committed person, if you hookup with me rest assured I wont' cheat on you, like ever.


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    Happi Birzday:

    keep your chin up homie.
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    Dfg, you are a handsome lad (nohomo). The problem is you live in a society that has destroyed female power. You a man who has personal power. Trust me when I tell you that a woman who has none of her own will never be able to give you what you need and deserve. Jut keep yourself on track, get your degree, and GTFO of there. Move to Canada, England, the U.S., Panama, somewhere, anywhere that woman are allowed to be empowered.

    Think of it this way. If you were a powerful warlord with a vast army that was eqiped with the latest weapons and had elite training what satisfaction would you gain from conquering 5 old men armed with canes? On the other hand were you to conquer a foe that was your equal or even your better you would know the measure of your worth as a warlord. Now apply that same concept to yourself as a man and the woman who's heart you would conquer.

    P.S. Happy Birfday.
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