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Going Walking

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Yeah, it's been some stupid weeks since I created a post. I will keep this very short and to the point. I guess bullet points would work:
  1. The University exams are just around the corner (2 weeks) and I don't think they taught me anything worth value but hey that's University for you.
  2. I have been using the University as a place to socialize and get with the girls, so far I have been able to friend zone my class mates (girls) since according to my esteemed brother RemadE you don't fuck your classmates, so I have kept dick in check, plus I don't find them sexually arousing anyway.. well most of them.
  3. I have been ganging up with my girls (yeah) and flirting with other girls, the mileage is slow but if you see what I am seeing, you would prefer turning gay anyway.
  4. I have been able to whore myself to the sky with the girls, they all praise and respect my integrity, manhood :D and my fierce determination.
  5. I recently got into a verbal argument with the University Director when he tried to force his Authority on me, I bitched slapped him via using fast English and good Vocabulary since that idiot tried to use English against me :D. He later regretted it.
  6. According to the girls I am their savior :D I just love seen the gleam in their eyes that proclaims that they want to fuck/marry me but they're friend zoned (from my end).
  7. Work has been tough, trying to balance life and totseans, been flirting with a lot of Facebook girls from 17-62 and even a lady boy. I figured they all want some love and affection and since I am in the best position to give them that, why not just do it. It has helped me appreciate my skills as Social Animal a lot more and helped a lot of my friends understand how unique and wonderful they are and I just love doing it.
  8. I have learned to spread my love to each and everyone, I did offer my body as well but it seems they're worried it might be hard for them to resist plus I know from bitter experience that long distance relationships don't worry and you only get more sexually frustrated. Hence I have created a new system, feel free to fuck anyone in your area and still get love and affection from me. Works way better since it doesn't put any restrictions on them in anyway.
  9. Fitness has been an issue lately but I am slowly getting back on to that.
  10. Valentine Day is approaching fast and I need to make an obvious move in the University to attract more girls, I have waited for them to jump and make the move but that doesn't seem to work. Also, the worst part is the girls aren't that nice (referring to their two timing habits). So, even if I get one chances are she is being shared with another guy at the same time. That's worst then sleeping IMO since it adds some friction.
  11. If I am going to devote myself to someone, I would prefer that the person would do the same for me. Honesty and equality, they go hand in hand for me.

So there you go, a short thread with Summary points. I didn't try to sugarcoat anything. I just laid it all. Oh I forgot to mention, I MISS YOU GUYS <3
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