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Found something worth doing

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I love this place and I always have and will but sometimes things happen in your own world that just shake you a bit. I had three encounters with three females, two from the Internet and one in real life and I learned that I am quite desperate, straight forward and unless I am with someone physically or dating it just doesn't work. Meaning any type of relation I create is just fake or unreal or won't last long. Plus it seems I do turn out to be a bigger pervert than I thought. Which isn't surprising but I am currently making plans to fix it. (Downloaded the Visa application, going to submit it in two days). I thought I did some harm in being the unfiltered and I was wasting my potential as a social monkey on people that don't matter. Sure people from twitter do matter, since I enjoy talking to them but come on wasting time on random people that don't appreciate that I am giving them attention or spending time with them, it just felt wrong. So, after three minor to major failures (the IRL was a major failure, since I had to Kline the whole group and kick them out of my life, Pakistani women, avoid them) I went on a soul searching trip.

I have decided that I will devote my social skills to helping people out and guiding them, I want to be that one person in their life that guides them or saves them or just helps them out. it's not bad for me since I devour anything related to sadness, fear and pain. And since I remain neutral or don't push the wrong buttons and make people laugh, there is a chance that I might bring a change.

Plus, it will help me more about people and basically help us as well. I do plan to invite them to this place and hopefully get more people involved. Since nothing works best than working on a project. As I said, this is my personal space as in my foundation and I want to see it growing. Plus, I don't want to give in or give up, I will keep fighting and keep the beacon of hope up but this time, I will extend to people that hate life already and just want to end it. Saving them and guiding them or in worst case scenario helping them make peace might be worth giving a shot.

This is the sub-reddit:

I posted this in skills, this is something I am good at, it's time to use my skills in bring some real change in others life. I live to help and serve. It's something that makes me happy.


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