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Papers done, got a new Bicycle, life is good again

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7 papers! these were mids by the way and I had to read and memorize a lot of different concepts in a very small time frame. It was a hectic schedule, today I was studying late at night and then I woke up around fucking 10:47 Am. The paper started at 9:30 AM! so, i ran to the University and when I got in, I only had 15 minutes to finish a paper which was designed for 2 hours. Well, honestly it could be finished in 30 minutes if you knew but dammit 15 minutes. The whole time when I driving I kept my focus, I told myself this is the day, this is the time, I got to fucking do this. I topped the class and I don't want to lose and I just dove right into it. Finished 8 short answers in a blink, on the second question, there was this image that I had to visualize and then write it based on the things such as form etc.

I looked at the picture and then went right back into writing about it. All of the answers were one liners, didn't have time to explain the concepts but I did doodle things just to make things clear. I finished the paper within 15 minutes and just to prove that I can do it, I wasn't the last guy to leave the class. As soon as the teacher finished taking papers from the others, I was ready with mine. And I attempted all questions and I can score 16-22 numbers out of 25. Now that even for me is insane!

So, yeah a lot of pressure but it worked out quite well. Now, I am set for two major events, the finals in June and the departure from this Country to another place at the end of June. I am working with the VISA issues right now and I plan to make it happen. The payment system works as well, I have a Paypal working account :D.

Moving on, I did break up my group in Uni ( I do this each semester). So, I would be working with yet another group or in this case a guy. He has potential, so it would be fun. Got some documentaries to create, effects to learn and stuff.

Also, I got myself a new fucking bicycle, yes a fucking Bicycle, it comes with a dildo as well. Nah, it's the sports version with thin profile tyre and it's lighter on top of that, I will be riding that to University from now on :). So, that should take care of my working out issue.

I am back to my old work cycle, I will be contributing as much as possible and I would be working and studying as well. But I only got two more months before I can finally step out of this Country and get fucking LAID. That's one of my biggest motivations right now, PUSSY!

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