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Feel, it's overflowing

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Amazing Advert.


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    If you watch it again, the father is clearly noticeable. Attention to detail is amazing.
    • Rock goes further into the river.
    • Lifts son up on the bar.
    • Longer Shadow.
    • Gets tired before his son when they playing.
    • Watches his son play PSP (I don't know about you guys, but Drewuke's dad never played video games with him, he sometimes watched though).
    • Isn't that girl from YOUR school? Son says he is embarrassing.
    • Says "I am your father" Obvious.
    • Tickles son.
    • Wipes son's shirt.
    • Father is nutmegged, possibly just letting his son do so.
    • Pushes son on roundabout.
    • Manly watch.
    • Bigger glass.
    • Takes shoes off of son.
    • Carries to bed.
    • Dad's reflection in adult form in mirror.
    • Tucks him in.
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