You're Women, That doesn't mean I am going to treat you like you're some fuckng Queen — Totseans

You're Women, That doesn't mean I am going to treat you like you're some fuckng Queen

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Do you hate it when you're standing in a long queue and then some idiot decides to force herself in and has the audacity to justify her invasive action & when others tell her to please go back in queue she gets mad at you.

Well I was in a super store with my family and as usually I was just chilling and minding my own business. We come to the checkout and there is this huge effing queue. I fit in left and right but I didn't see any place. So, I picked a line and then stood back.

That line then got moved because the counter was closed. So, we reshuffled and taking the lead as always, I gave everyone numbers and had a sequence setup. I did this so the pathway wouldn't be blocked and people wouldn't fight with each other. There were 10 in queue and we all had a good understanding.

I had a gap between me and the lady before me so others can pass. And out of nowhere this lady comes in and attaches herself next to cart. And I was curious so I asked the lady in front.

Miss, did she came before me?
She said no, so I moved my cart right her.

Now at this point that other lady is still standing and I ask her if she is in this line.

She says yes. I tell her politely that miss you need to go back because we already this line setup and your number comes last (srsly only 3 people were behind me) and she goes like,

Meh, I don't want to wait in the line. And honestly that's the most idiotic remark you could give someone like me. I then told her, that cannot get in line at this point and must retreat back.

She tries to argue with me but then focuses her attention to the couple behind me. I talked to them & helped the husband & she tries her retarded I am better than you approach and I step in.

AND she goes, I AM NOT TALKING TO YOU, YOU HAVE NO MANNERS WHEN IT COMES TO TALKING TO A WOMEN. Then her mother steps in and everyone is just looking in my general direction.

So, I had two options one to really verbally bitch slap her or do the opposite. So, I kept silent while she bitched but I kept telling her, rules are rules, I will not compromise them.

And then guy behind me gets pissed off and starts arguing with them woman. I told him to ease off and ignore her. But I had the look in my awesome eyes. She went away with a pwned face and that was that.

But thanks me standing for others the whole queue was more focused. Few minutes later a women forced her cart into the line and used her old mother to get in. I simply told others not to budge and they did just that. That women was forced to leave & was cursing at me but I smiled and told her that Allah shall bless her.

And before anyone says I was being rude, I wasn't. I was standing up for my rights and the rights of others that didn't have enough courage to stand out. I am quite confident, I am blessed with zeal and passion for protecting the weak and I will not back down from doing what's right.

Also, thanks to the Internet. I treat women and men equally. I don't make any gender based judgments, if I see a women and she is behind me, I will simply give way to her which I always do but if someone just forces their way in without even asking others, now that's someone I will troll the eff out of.

So, please mind the queues, think of others before putting our own interests. We're all busy, we're stuck with responsibility but that doesn't mean you have the right to bypass everyone.

/end rant
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