Splice (2010)

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Synopsis: Two rogue genetic scientists create a human/animal hybrid and try to hide it from the rest of the world. However, the creature has an accelerated growth, and quickly reveals that it's a lot more than they ever imagined.

What an absolutely creepy movie, but the disturbing factor actually turned out to be addictive. I wanted to see how far the movie was going to go, and it went pretty fucking far. Too far? No.

Thoughts if you've seen it.


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    It's been on my to see list. The director was responsible for the Cube trilogy which made no sense and had a lot of fucked up moments... But I loved it for some reason. I also hear Splice is more akin to Frankenstein rather than a monster movie.

    That excites me.
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    I would totally bone the monster from this movie.
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    I remember hearing from people everywhere that this movie was "just like Species," then I actually saw it and realized that this movie is to Species as Back to the Future is to Terminator (I know I stole that comparison from somewhere, just don't know where).

    This movie was pretty decent, I thought. It was a little on the independent side (kinda artsy, only with a good budget). Like the Cube movies, it was a serious film with a little cheese.
    I didn't regret seeing the film, but I did regret paying the $10 to see it. If it weren't for Adrian Brodie being in it, this would probably have gone straight to DVD or, with a smaller budget, straight to SyFy.

    I'm certainly not knocking the film. I'm just saying it's not cinema's greatest masterpiece. Definitely check this one out on TV, DVD, or PC.
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