People like her should be in jail

YES, I said it. And there is a good reason for it.

Police investigated the incident. By Monday, they had collected “substantial evidence” and determined that the posting was a hoax perpetrated by Lanker-Simons on her personal computer while it was in her possession.

University police came to their conclusion based on an interview with Lanker-Simons and a search of her computer after obtaining a warrant, reports the Laramie Boomerang (the local daily paper).

Oh also I need a paste function that phrases the other website completely. :(


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    We are witnessing feminism implode into itself. It's a shame.

    A lot of feminism has morphed over the years from a respectable egalitarian movement into a misandric cult. Being right no longer matters to them, they only care about making reality fit their perceptions. This includes fabrication of facts and the dogged harassment of anyone who even timidly suggests an alternative view of things.

    This sort of intimidation doesn't last long without a counter reaction. We're already seeing the embryonic stages of an effective men's movement that has the potential to have a powerful social impact.
  • True, also the tumbrium has pretty much ruined whoever falls into it.

    However, unlike the bitch in the OP, I would do unspeakable things to this one:

  • Wow, who's that in the ingur link?
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