Talking to and with your Daemon

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Anyone tried this? Just curious. I have been trying to and it's not all as reassuring as I thought it would be. Wondering if anyone here knows what I'm talking about. I can elaborate, unless it's just going to be pissing to the wind to all five of us. I kind of wanted to share perhaps I should find the correct forum lol


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    No idea what you're talking about. Sounds interesting.
  • Basically the theory goes, we all have a watchdog part of our psyche. I've heard it explained that sometimes premonition is simply remembering, because the theory goes, we are all stuck in a "ground hog" day like loop. The only thing is the daemon part of our consciousness remembers things and can kind of go "woof, don't do that."

    There are many examples throughout history of this kind of thing happening. Churchill and Socrates are two good examples. Also Scipio

    From wiki:
    He often visited the temple of Jupiter and made offerings there. There was a belief that he was a special favourite of heaven and actually communicated with the gods. It is quite possible that he himself honestly shared this belief. However, the strength of this belief is evident, even a generation later when his adopted grandson, Publius Aemilianus Scipio was elected to the consulship from the office of tribune. His rise was spectacular and letters survive from soldiers under his command in Hispania show that they believed that he possessed the same abilities as his grandfather. The elder Scipio was a spiritual man as well as a soldier and statesman, and was a priest of Mars. The ability which he is supposed to have been possessed of, is called by the old name, "second sight", and he is supposed to have had prescient dreams in which he saw the future. Livy describes this belief as it was perceived then, without offering his opinion as to its veracity. Polybius made a case that Scipio's successes resulted from good planning, rational thinking and intelligence, which he said was a higher sign of the Gods' favour than prophetic dreams. Polybius suggested people had only suggested Scipio had supernatural powers as they had not appreciated the natural mental gifts which facilitated Scipio's achievements.[5]
    In Plato's Symposium, the priestess Diotima teaches Socrates that love is not a deity, but rather a "great daemon" (202d). She goes on to explain that "everything daemonic is between divine and mortal" (202d–e), and she describes daemons as "interpreting and transporting human things to the gods and divine things to men; entreaties and sacrifices from below, and ordinances and requitals from above..." (202e). In Plato's Apology of Socrates, Socrates claimed to have a daimonion (literally, a "divine something")[14] that frequently warned him—in the form of a "voice"—against mistakes but never told him what to do.[15] The Platonic Socrates, however, never refers to the daimonion as a daimōn; it was always an impersonal "something" or "sign".[16] By this term he seems to indicate the true nature of the human soul, his newfound self-consciousness.[17]
    Winston Churchill often followed his gut. One evening when air raid sirens had become the norm, Churchill had a premonition, interrupted dinner, and sent his kitchen staff down to the bomb shelter. A few minutes later a bomb struck the home demolishing the kitchen.

    On another occasion, upon completing a visit to an antiaircraft battery Churchill proceeded to his staff car. The door opened for him to take his usual seat. Churchill walked passed the opened door and sat on the other side of the car. While driving a few blocks from the battery station a bomb landed near the car. The power of the blast lifted the car precariously on two wheels yet, no one was hurt. It was believed that it was the placement of Churchill's girth which prevented the car from flipping over.

    When Churchill was questioned as to why he sat on the other side of the car, Churchill said, "...Something said 'Stop!' before I reached the car door held open for me. It then appeared to me that I was told I was meant to open the door on the other side and sit there-and that's what I did."

    Some people go as far as trying to talk to the daemon. It's believed some of the best time to do this is right before a dream state or in a fast dream.

    Trying to talk to mine hasn't been very reassuring.
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    So basically it's a different perspective on premonition, yah? A deja vu of what has already been played out prior? If ground hog day is to be used as an example, has this played out scenario been done mentally, physically or spiritually? It's kind of an interesting perception on what people like me term as coincidental intervevtion, but I'm usually inquisitive and sometimes genuinely interested in hearing a different take on my views. As long as it's not politics or money, because political and financial differences is sooo anti social.

  • Well as far as I can tell the Groundhog Day scenario is reliant on a quantum cosmology of the soul so to speak. If I understand it correctly one of two things is happening.

    1) the universe repeats itself on a loop

    2) the different timelines of our actions are interconnected somehow

    The daemon in both of those scenarios is the only part of our psyche or consciousness that has any recollection of either what happened before, or what might happen on the alternate timeline.
  • I contacted Miguel Conner the podcaster of the "Gnostic Radio," about questions concerning the fact that in attempting to get in touch with your daemon how are you able to tell you aren't dealing with a negative construct of your psyche, (which in a sense is exactly what many people define a daemon as, not so much negative but a yin to a yang) and his response was:
    "I think they key is practice at first. There are times when the voice is so damn obvious you'll know, and the decision or advice will be like it was staring at your in the first place and no one is going to get hurt because of it. Other than that, like the Buddhists and the monkey chatter and the Gnostics and the whispering archons, it's about tuning your mind like good antenna.

    I wish it was simpler, but the brain is the brain. Hermes is both the trickster god and the god of the mind. It's no accident.

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    Gen_Why wrote: »
    I contacted Miguel Conner the podcaster of the "Gnostic Radio," about questions concerning the fact that in attempting to get in touch with your daemon how are you able to tell you aren't dealing with a negative construct of your psyche, (which in a sense is exactly what many people define a daemon as, not so much negative but a yin to a yang) and his response was:
    I guess many people would see perceive the word "daemon" as a negative because it a derivative of the archaic word "demon".
  • Well I think it's the other way around. Daemons were talked about since at least Iron Age Greece.

    The only hang up I have is when trying to talk to or at least listen to it, I want to make sure I'm not dealing with a negative element of my psyche. This might be an issue for me more than others because I have always grown up with a mildly negative self image. Not anything to bad but just enough to be my own worst enemy when it comes to making decisions. Fear of failure and fear of rejection play into that. By subconsciously sabotaging your chances you avoid failing or being rejected based on your actual merit. That's an inner "demon," I have long struggled with and that's the hang up I'm having with trying to listen to the daemon.

    What I find remarkable is that if there is any substance to the daemon guide theory it argues that there may be some sort of higher power or powers responsible for keeping this timeline intact. When you look at many very important people in history you find evidence of a daemon at work. It's been called many things but if it's actually an inner part of our consciousness it argues that the history of events in our timeline has been purposefully manipulated by a form of consciousness higher than our own individual psyche.
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    I still don't quite get it. How do you differentiate between daemon and fear. Doesn't fear throw out the same warning messages?

  • Yes, I don't pretend to get it either but fear can have a genetic memory. It seems the daemon actually remembers what happens
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    Oh no! I'm not pretending not to get, I really don't quite get it. I get that there's a theory behind it although I also see there is no difinitive proof of it's existance, therefore this daemon is pretty much based on faith like believing in a higher power. That's the part I don't get.
  • Pretty much. It comes down to belief I guess. Idk I thought it was interesting none the less
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    Don't get me wrong! Just because I don't believe in much it doesn't mean I'm not interested. I find many cultural and theoretical beliefs quite interesting. Religion for instance, I don't believe in it but I will respect others beliefs.

    "Woah! That's a lot of beliefs in one paragraph." ^
  • Lol. Yeah idk I'm almost embarrassed by the topic at this point but that may be because I haven't made any progress in hearing a daemon or I'm not doing enough research into the historical evidence of it. Probably both. It seemed like a cool thing to believe in at the time though.

    Mani is a really interesting dude to research though.
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    Dunna be embarrassed because of a topic choice. Fuck me! It's those sorta open minded views that make a community. (Well a community like this anyways) I think it's kinda cool.

    I'll make sure to check out some of his shit so I can get a better perspective of the subject.
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