SnB always fails


I tried 6 times and always FAIL.
I have tried with naphtha (81% diethyl ether), xylene (99%) and I intend to try with IPA (Alcohol Isopropyl 98%) and I even plan to buy 99% hexane for a try.
But before doing so, I ask for help because I do not understand why the reaction does not start. I bought the naphta at a paint store, it has a strong petroleum smell and it looks like there is a little oil in it, the Surgical gloves I use melted on contact with NAPHTA

I use VARTA batteries as the source of lithium, NaOh 99%, H2SO4 98% + Nacl for the gassing.

All the products are stamped INDUSTRIAL GRADE except the ammonium sulfate which is the fertilizer that I recovered at a large agricultural store. I am fortunate to live in a country where there are no purchase restrictions on these solvents.

The pills used: HUMEX cold. 500 mg acetaminophen 60 mg PSE HCL
Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, pregelatinized starch, croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, povidone K30. No restriction on it, I buy my pills in the same pharmacy and I bought at least 40 boxes since I tried

I extracted the PSE: I dissolved it in methanol , siphon off the methanol, I let it evaporate on room temperature for 48 h and crystals formed. I boiled the crystals 3 times in toluene and threw in the dirty toluene, then I washed with acetone I let the PSE crystals dry for 12 hours.

The problem:

I use a 0.5 L bottle, roughly 2.4 -3 grm PSE, 90 grm NAOH, 90 grm Ammonium sulfate, 1lithium strip, 250 ml of naphta the first time, then 250 ml of xylene the 5 times, I put everything in the bottle and nothing happening, once I even put 2-3 drops of water and nothing. I shake for hours, I burp a little and always nothing. I burp because once the solvent boiled for a few seconds while I let go. I was surprised, I immediately closed then NOTHING. During the 6 tries I made, I was allowed only 2 seconds of low broth in the bottle.
One time I put the PSE at the beginning so as not to have to open the bottle, but NOTHING.
The last time I shake for hours trying to start the reaction but nothing and I left the bottle outside then I went to sleep. In the morning there was a very strong pressure in the bottle, the lithium half was colored silver (not bronze or golden), I did a little BURP then I shook and then immediately the lithium became golden, I shake, then golden glitter came out. I left the bottle outside for 3-4 hours of time. The bottle was under pressure again and almost all the lithium was gone, I only had 30-20% of the lithium left.
I was happy, but I think it's not normal that it took almost 24 hours to reduce the lithium to 20-30%.

I BURP then I left another 2 hours of time before recovering the xylene then gas.
The gassing goes well, at the first gassing there is a lot of smoke but little snow which forms in the jar. At second waste, little smoke but a lot of snow that forms. at this moment, we are happy to recover so much snow in the coffee filter.

I continue my nightmare: I therefore recover the product in the filter after the gassing, I wash with acetone, drying the cofee filter with the product and I smoke it and then SHIT !!! it tastes like crappy plastic, and a hard-to-clean black residue in my pipe. As if I just smoked a piece of plastic, always NO EFFECT.

My concern: I have never had a violent reaction in my bottle. BURP always smell AMMONIA !!! WHAT'S WRONG???

My next try: I'm not going to extract PSE anymore, I'm going to put the powder from my pills directly into my reaction bottle. I will do it with which solvent? Xylene and IPA I still have. But I can buy from hexane if hexane is better. I also intend to crush the AS before putting it in the R.V.

Solvents and alcohols are guaranteed PURE and INDUSTRIAL GRADE. . Ammonium Nitrate cannot be found here. The last COLD PACK I found no longer exists because the pharmacy is out of stock. In addition the coldpack is expensive (~ 20 USD for 80 grm compared to A.S. ~ 10 USD for 25 KG).

I used lab grade MgSO4 anhydrous to dry solvent, there is no epsom salt in my country. ( ~25 USD 500 GRM)

Advice for those who want to try:
1- It was after trying that I noticed that the smoke that forms during gassing does not depend on the amount of NaCl and Acid you use. IN fact, even if you put the maximum NaCl and H2SO4 in your bottle for gassing, if there is no more product in the solvent then do not expect not to have as much smoke as during the first gassing. Just give your jar a big gas (or in the ziplock bag) then close your jar even if you can only see a little smoke.
2-if you are going to use the pipe cutter to collect the lithium strip, avoid cutting in the middle of the battery. Instead, use the pipe cutter at the top of the battery, as top as you can. Then after removing the top of the battery, you just have to peel like a banana. This is to avoid tearing the plastic film that wraps the lithium. One time, I had to use 5 liters of naphta to recover the lithium because I opened my battery in the middle and it tore the plastic film that protects the lithium. the bottom part of the battery refused to come out because it was stuck.I wasted 4 hours of time doing the manipulation in a bucket filled with naphtha

I'm counting on member for advice and sorry for google English translation


  • Tell me about these batteries, the only ones that work in the USA are Energizer lithium. LITHIUM ION WILL NOT WORK. please make sure that a) the battery contains pure lithium foil, and b) you're putting the right strip of material into your RV
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