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So I had this dream, and in it I basically coughed up my uvula. No blood, pain, or discomfort, but I did feel immense separation anxiety. I wonder if it means anything, like all I gotta do to lose something is consciously leave it behind? I donno, I'm tripping out. I think when this girl gets back from camping (the one who I've been talking of lately, Janie) I'm gonna have to tell her I love her. Should I tell her about the dream lol


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    I had a similar dream once, except instead of coughing up my uvula I accidentally pulled off my penis while wanking. But I recall having the separation anxiety you described whilst trying to put it back on. Then I woke up, realized it was all a dream and lol'd... not sure if it meant anything...
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    I had a fucked up dream last night. Playing Fallout beforehand probably didn't help.

    I was running from the threat of nuclear bombs from the Russians in a city. I take cover in a half-ruined block of flats and fuck to my hearts content while the bombs drop.

    I wake up, go for a piss.

    Go back to sleep and I am going across the Egyptian desert in a combine harvester with my Dutch mate, passing tanks in the North Africa WW2 battles, and seeing the sky lit up from tank fires and explosions.
    We eventually get to Austria where I am meeting up soon (in real life) with an old lover, and I proceed to fuck her brains out on top of an Inca pyramid while the world implodes. i then dream that I wake up and get dressed.

    I really do wake up eventually and my brain is full of fuck.
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