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Jedi Mind Tricks are the true definition of gangster rap. Gangster rap meaning gritty, grim and raw.

Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
A History of Violence


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    Servants in Heaven is my favorite album by them, and one of my favorite rap albums of all time. Very little can beat Rugged Man's verse in Uncommon Valor.
  • BitterConflictBitterConflict Regular
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    Freakin' JusAllah nowadays. He lost his steez. He's a fuckin' crackhead dictionary rhymer and it bothers me because back in the day he was raw.

    I think it's a hit or miss with Vinnie Paz though.

    I'll post some more JMT albums later.

    RA THE RUGGED MAN's verse is an instant classic.

    Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind is one of the best intricate producers out in the rap game. I'm surprised he's not well known. :(
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    JMT imho; yeah not bad. Older shit was cash, but I was younger too. I don't know anymore, I was fucking addicted to hiphop for many many years and it certainly shaped who I am today. I just can't relate to the shit now and I'm beginning to realise I never could....
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