Ventura on "Conspiracy Theories" a Show on RealTv

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What do you think about this show?

It does cover a lot of interesting conspiracy theories, but the lack of censorship makes me question this show.

Wouldn't the government intervene and stop this show?


  • DirtySanchezDirtySanchez Regular
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    Like you said the lack of censorship. If he was really exposing hidden government secrets than i doubt the NWO would be letting it have it's own prime time tv show. That's my issue with so many conspiracy people. Take 9/11. They pull off this elaborate plan and killed 3000 people only to be exposed by Alex Jones and a college student?:rolleyes:

    If they have HAARP and are really an evil shadow government who obviously doesn't mine killing than why keep Alex Jones or Ventura around? There disinfo agents whose goal is to keep attention away from the real criminals. The Zionists. Notice how nobody exposing Zionism or the holohoax ever got a tv show. I wonder why?
  • Turd_SmasherTurd_Smasher Regular
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    There's something about watching a old man investigate paranoid claims that gives me lulz. It's like if Adam West from Family Guy had his own show and investigated who was stealing the water from his plants. Some episodes are pretty creepy though. Especially the water contamination one.
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    Erorr wrote: »
    He's the (even more) retarded man's Alex Jones.

    shut the fuck up.
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    You stand erected I guess.
  • LuxJigabooLuxJigaboo Regular
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    Notice how nobody exposing Zionism or the holohoax ever got a tv show. I wonder why?

    Then why is the shadow government allowing you and the ALF to expose it?

    Be cautious Sanchez, it's only a matter of time....
  • DaSkipperDaSkipper Regular
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    Its just mocking the general public.

    Remember they're very prideful people.
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