What age is the youngest girl you've had sex with?

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Anyone care to share the youngest person they've consensually had sex with?

15-16 for me, I forget her exact age at the time as it was over 9 years ago. It was my roommate's slutty sister. We were all drinking and after I went to bed she came into my room to share the bed with me. I had heard stories about how slutty she was (fucked at least 10 guys that I had heard of) so when she got into bed I had to make a decision.

In the end I said fuck it and made some "accidental" contact with her that eventually lead to fucking. It was pretty good but not as tight as I would of hoped for. I think she's the only girl I've ever used a condom on before I even inserted my cock. My roommate didn't seem to care, he knew she slept around anyways.

She was pretty fun though, I'd pick her up from her little parties and give her a ride home, usually charging her a fuck in the car on the way as payment for gas. Mmm I miss those days.


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