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Ill buy socks and use an ip that is as close to the credit card holder as possible then go currys or any website and i register an account using the cc holders name,address,town/city,postcode, but i dont need to enter their actual age do i?What do i do about the phone number?Ill then change the delivery address to my drop then add a laptop or beats by dre for example to the checkout and select standard delivery then select payment method lets just say its visa.Im now on the payment details page where i enter the cc number,expiry date,name card holder & card verification code & select submit.Is it that simple is that all i have too do?Anything else i need to know?Help would be appreciated
Btw im from the uk.


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    All they care about is the credit card number and verification. They want to take the money and put it in their pockets with the least steps possible. The retailer isn't the police. They are insured against fraud, they will lose nothing through you.

    All the other stuff (age, address etc) is not checked against the card holder details, as you could be buying a gift for someone.

    The IP should be as close to local as possible. I.E. in the same city.
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    Yep it's that simple. You will get the goods. Then a short time later when the owner of the CC realises they have been scammed and report it, the fraud squad will trace the delivery address and come knocking on your door. It's that simple.

    You get your goods, the victim gets reimbursed and the fraud squad get their man. Everyones a winner. :)
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    ^ He mentioned in his post that he's got a drop to order the stuff to, so he should be alright as long as he can retrieve the goods before the police catch on.

    And no, you shouldn't need to enter the guys age. Even if you do, I don't think it really matters what you put in as it's not something that they tie to the credit card. Same goes for telephone number - what if someone doesn't HAVE a phone number? Alternatively you could enter a fake number, or get a pre-paid phone and use that if it's really necessary. I'd just leave the box blank.
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    Yeah I missed that bit. Will have to be a pretty good drop though, and used for a one off blitz as it's sure to be watched once it's been used.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys
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