Last Minute Interventions(and other overused tropes)

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I find this very aggravating. A bad guy has a gun pulled on a character, and is about to pull the trigger on some innocent victim. But then, from some unexpected angle, a protagonist intervenes and shoots the bad guy.

A lion chases a character up a ledge, and is about to eat his face. But then, out of nowhere, a tree falls over on top of the beast.

An ominously slow spike-ceiling descends upon a protagonist. But in some distant power plant, a neglectful porn-surfing worker blows his load on the control panel, effectively causing a power outage and allowing the protagonist to escape, with just centimeters between him/her and the spikes.

It's such a fucking overused device, that it entirely kills any suspense that it was meant to deliver. :angry::thumbsdown:

Any other over-used trope devices that piss you off?


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    You know what other one pisses me off? When it was all 'just a dream'. That is some bullshit.
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    fag wrote: »
    You know what other one pisses me off? When it was all 'just a dream'. That is some bullshit.

    That really does fuck me off. Firstly in films and movies when it all seems too good to be true...then when I wake up and realise I didn't shag the girl of my dreams :(
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    I don't hate them but I guess I don't think about it that much. But since you asked mine would be ..... nope I am blank in this. Just woke up.
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    I funny when I have a dream I killed someone and I wake up paranoid in gonna get busted!

    Usually in advertising, but with they just throw some random coloured person into the video/photo to come across all.........I dont know the proper word escapes me. Anyway it looks desperite and PC. Im not a racist, it just grinds my gears when people feel they have to look culturally diverse and how it looks so set up.
    I remember an anti family violence campain aimed at moari and pasific islanders and in the commercial BOOM outta nowhere a white dude? AND Police ten 7 (kinda like americas most wanted and cops had a baby and adopted it out to New Zealand). every week they show four wanted crims, three coloured people one white dude, since when should not looking racist be more important than catching violent criminals?

    everyone thinks we are so cultural diverse, but we are really still quite segregated.
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