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  • Would be so great if the ghost writer on this song knew she was going to massacre music as we know it and decided to put subliminal messages all up in it. Or MAYBE she's an android sent here to murder presidents and eardrums... she thought she was sneaky, but we gotcha bitch. We should probably kill her to be safe.
  • once the touch screen is perfected I think most people will wonder how they ever lived with a mouse and keyboard. Too bad tablets right now are just glorified game boys with cheap flash games. If you could do actual computer tasks on a tablet then the world would suddenly start to look a lot like Star-Trek...
  • Hello I am "new" here but used to lurk the old site for countless hours. I think I can credit totse for my introduction to the "dark side." As far as a revolution for the drug forum information on synthesizing, safely selling, and the new research chemicals that are becoming quite popular would help increase traffic a lot.…