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  • You do have a good point about CFLs - and since they've come down quite a bit in price, they're a good option as long as you can get matching ones. They're kind of hard to find in a compact package when you're dealing with high lumen outputs though. Part of the reason I'm still using incandescent is they're easier to dim,…
  • Alright boys, girls, transsexuals, and animals... it's time to talk about noise. Heat is the #1 enemy of electronics. Traditionally, the cooler you want your system to run, the louder it is - a traditional computer case fan is an 80mm with sleeve bearings, and most CPU heatsink fans are 60-70mm... which just can't move…
  • I'm me, I used to run a bbs that carried nirvananet way back when. Welp.
  • Oh good, I'm getting tired of whacking myself.
  • But I'm here.
  • You can get physical dependency within a week of heavy benzo use - but at that point withdrawal should hopefully be limited to nasty headaches and irritability (hopefully). But seriously, benzos need a healthy dose of respect, don't fuck around with them on a daily basis, the withdrawal is fucking horrid. Opiate withdrawal…
  • Welp have fun, nobody really likes kissing an ashtray. I quit smoking cigs about 6 or 7 years ago. Now I can actually lift a gallon of milk without stopping to catch my breath.
  • Is it kosher to post, say, some of my "best of" photos or links to galleries and the like? I've got several years worth of photos, and have a handful that I think are good. Yes, I'm totally asking if I can whore out my flickr or deviantart galleries.
  • I should add that we fucked pretty much every chance we got for a few years. He still claimed straight for awhile...
  • Oh sweet, you're local to me.
  • Yeah but where the hell do you get dxm powder these days...
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  • Lifehacker has a decent article on a budget HTPC build:
  • Cool. I'm going to go back and edit it when I think of more crap. Can you tell I don't like paying retail for cables? I'm not sure if I made that clear enough. :D
  • In high school I used to claim I was bi - and didn't stop saying I was bi until I was about 23 or so. Dated 2 girls to figure out if I liked girls or not, finally stopped lying to myself and came out as gay. I did live with a friend who claimed to be straight, then finally admitted he "might" be bi. I think experimenting…
  • I always swallow, though I may have a cum fetish too. Ladies (and some gents), don't suck off a guy then drink a soda afterwards. It wasn't bad going down, but cum burps are just fucking disgusting.
  • I live in the middle of suburb hell and can get pretty much anything. Colleges/universities are full of weed, amphetamines, and mushrooms. Pizza places are full of stoners and tweakers. A lot of grocery stores are one stop shopping. Call centers? I guarantee half of the people in call centers are high. I know this because…
  • And that there... that's the boner killer right there.
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  • Damn, I didn't even know Zicam still made that, I haven't seen it in stores around here in a couple of years. Zicam tastes like concentrated evil. That's the only way I can describe it. I'm talking to him(?) on AIM. I think this line best describes what's going on... edit: welp this just popped up from him, I think that…
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  • Open eye visuals? Unlikely, except your vision will probably take on a strobe effect, and you'll most likely have double vision for a few hours. Closed eye visuals are another story, you can probably count on those. Typing, speech, and walking may be difficult. Your weight will be the biggest factor on how a particular…
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  • Well have fun with that. Now is a good time to get some music setup.. may I recommend something from ? DXM takes a bit longer than a lot of drugs to take effect. Similarly, it lasts a lot longer than most orally administered drugs.
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  • Stimulants also tend to constrict vessels - which will cause your blood pressure to spike. Believe me when I tell you 230/180 blood pressure with a 180 pulse is not a good feeling, the paramedics told me it was the highest they'd ever seen.
  • 8 is 240mg. Not a huge dose, but if you're on the skinny side it'll give you a taste of what DXM does. Take them enough times and you'll gag upon sight of the box. Or when taking Advil. Trust me on this. If you repeat this experiment in the future I would suggest Robotussin Cough Gels, 15mg of nothing but DXM in each pill,…
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