Duke Nukem Forever: Being too hard on it?

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I finished DnF today, and I have to say that I loved it. Sure, there are parts where I looked down on it and thought "Jesus, what am I playing?" but only to have Duke day something and make me think "heheheh. I love this game"

Let me start off by saying; Just since it was announced 14 years ago, doesn't mean it's been worked on SINCE then. So when all the twelve year olds hear that it's been 13/14 years they start to bitch.

I can gladly say; I'm happy with this. I think Duke was funny, the achievements/trophies were whacky and the hidden content was fantastic. And through all this I think it's managed to remain a Duke Nukem game, and not turn itself into some shitty remake.

The gameplay was great, so I don't see what people are bitching at. "REGENERATED HEALTH? ONLY TWO WEAPONS? HUH?!?!" and this is what really upsets me. Yes, it has regenerated health. Yes, you can only carry two weapons. Just because this is a Duke Nukem game doesn't mean you can go around and kill stuff with out any kind of challenge. Then it wouldn't be a game. It'd be an interactive movie. And it's not like they don't have a good reason for regen health. Since they've changed it to 'ego' it makes it harder to find a health pack. You can't stitch up your ego or put some cream on it.

Overall, I think Duke Nukem Forever was a great game, and I think reviewers are being far too hard on it.



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